Recap / The Smurfs S 1 E 31 The Smurfette

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An Animated Adaptation of The Smurfs comic book story of the same name (original French title Le Schtroumpfette).

Vowing to get even with the Smurfs, Gargamel comes up with a plan to destroy them through their hearts by using Insubstantial Ingredients to create The Vamp that would be known as Smurfette. She first meets the Smurfs as they are sent out into the forest to collect smurfberries, with Hefty being the first to see her in her original "un-Smurfy" form. She is brought to the village where she convinces Papa Smurf to let her stay with them, while she secretly contacts her master Gargamel for how he wants her to proceed with his plan. After some failed attempts to lure the other Smurfs with her charms, Smurfette bribes Greedy with a yummy smurfberry cake to open the sluice gate of the dam, but then forces the gate to remain open while struggling with Greedy until she falls into the raging waters. After she is rescued and the dam is sealed up, Smurfette is brought to trial where she tearfully confesses that she is a creation of Gargamel. She wishes that she could be made into a real Smurf, and though the other Smurfs say that it's impossible, Papa Smurf proves them wrong by using his magic to change Smurfette into a real Smurf, also changing her appearance.

But Gargamel isn't through using Smurfette yet for his evil purposes. After her transformation, the wizard has Smurfette trick the other Smurfs into going into the forest by the Great Oak where a surprise was waiting for them, only the "surprise" turns out to be their being captured by Gargamel. Realizing what she had done and that she needs to rescue her fellow Smurfs, Smurfette disguises herself as "the lone Smurf" to get Gargamel and Azrael to chase after her while she sets the other Smurfs free. With the Smurfs safely out of danger when the wizard and his cat fail in capturing "the lone Smurf", the masked Smurf reveals himself as Smurfette to the other Smurfs, and she is soon accepted as one of the Smurfs.

Tropes associated with this episode include

  • Big Dam Plot: The village dam becomes part of the plot as Smurfette tries to flood the village by opening it.
  • Cock Fight: No sooner does Smurfette become a real Smurf, that the male Smurfs end up fighting each other for her affections.
  • Distracted By The Smurfy: Smurfette in her pre-Smurf state was still smurfy enough to drive a male Smurf to distraction.
  • Food as Bribe: Original Smurfette tempts Greedy with a delicious cake into opening the sluice gate of the dam and flooding the village with water.
  • Getting the Boot: Brainy, after stomping on Jokey's present to keep her from opening what would be one of his "surprises," only to find out that it was something else entirely.
  • Hammered into the Ground: A Smurf with a hammer pays more attention to Smurfette than he does to the post that his partner is holding up and ends up hammering the other Smurf into the ground.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Smurfette, after the transformation.
  • Insubstantial Ingredients: She was magically created from blue clay, sugar and spice but nothing nice, crocodile tears, half a pack of lies, a chatter of a magpie, and the hardest stone for her heart.
  • Magitek: Smurfette's compact acted like a flip-top cell phone years before such a thing came to the market. It would later reappear in the Sequel Episode "Smurfette Unmade".
  • Never Bareheaded: Briefly averted in the scene where "the lone Smurf" reveals himself to be Smurfette.
  • No Sense of Humor: Said by Brainy of Jokey after Getting the Boot by stomping on Jokey's gift to Smurfette.
  • Over-the-Shoulder Carry: Hefty does this to Smurfette when she was expecting the Bridal Carry.
  • Samus Is a Girl: "The lone Smurf" turns out to be Smurfette.
  • The Vamp: Original Smurfette, before her transformation.
  • Video Phone: The Magic Mirrors that Gargamel and Smurfette use to communicate with each other are used in this particular fashion.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Hefty attempts on hitting Smurfette after she fesses up she's taking orders from Gargamel.