Recap / The Smurfs S 1 E 15 Smurphony In C

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An Animated Adaptation of The Smurfs comic book story of the same name.

In the story, Papa Smurf has a symphony ready to be conducted, but the problem is that there's only one musician that he can conduct the symphony to...and that musician is Harmony, the village's worst Smurf musician. Papa Smurf encourages his little Smurfs to build various instruments for themselves and be part of the orchestra so he could properly conduct his symphony. By the time the Smurfs are ready with their instruments, Papa Smurf starts conducting the symphony, but then Harmony joins in and the symphony is ruined by his bad horn-playing. The Smurfs suggest having him try different instruments and even him conducting the symphony himself, but even the last part results in bad music being played. Fed up with Harmony not being able to play in tune with everyone else, the Smurfs cast him out of the orchestra.

Harmony is so upset with the other Smurfs not wanting him to play with them that he decides to go off into the forest to play his horn. As he does, Gargamel hears the horrible music coming from the little Smurf and decides to use this to his advantage. Disguising himself as Aurora the good fairy, Gargamel gives Harmony a magical instrument called the shazalakazoo, saying that it will allow him to play better music. When Harmony returns to the village with the instrument to play, though, the music from the shazalakazoo causes his fellow Smurfs to pass out, leaving Harmony to wonder what's going on. But just as Harmony is about to go find the good fairy that he got the musical instrument from, Gargamel appears in the village and chases after the Smurf through the forest, eventually getting pains in his body until he collapses. Gargamel tries to find his way back to the Smurf Village, only to find himself getting lost in the process and upset that he will never find them again.

After several attempts made to wake up his fellow Smurfs, Harmony realizes that if the shazalakazoo came from Gargamel, he must have the cure for it, and so he goes to Gargamel's hovel with the magic instrument to find the cure. But then Gargamel finds him and chases him around the hovel, blocking his ears as Harmony plays the shazalakazoo. Eventually Gargamel chases Harmony onto a log high over a deep ravine, and Gargamel ends up losing his balance and nearly falls to his death, clutching onto the log for dear life. Harmony is ready to play the shazalakazoo again when Gargamel tearfully begs for mercy, which makes Harmony reconsider and only give the evil wizard a raspberry. Back at the hovel, Harmony finds the book on musical instruments, but the page about the shazalakazoo says that there's no known cure for it. Upset at the magic instrument causing his fellow Smurfs to sleep forever, Harmony kicks the shazalakazoo into the fire and escapes from the hovel as it sparks up.

Back in the village, Harmony is ready to play a final farewell tune for his fellow Smurfs, but as he plays, they wake up and complain about Harmony's music. Glad to see his fellow Smurfs awake again, he keeps playing his horn until all the Smurfs wake up so he could tell them what happened. Papa Smurf is glad to see that things turned out well and is ready to start up the symphony again, but with Harmony wanting to join them, they wonder how they could let him do that even after all he has done for them. By the end of the story, Harmony is playing with his fellow Smurfs in the orchestra, but no one is complaining about his music because all the Smurfs except for Harmony are wearing corks for earplugs.

This episode provides examples of

  • Adaptation Name Change: The shazalakazoo was originally referred to in the comic books as the turlisiphone.
  • Blowing a Raspberry: Harmony does this to Gargamel when he has the evil wizard at his mercy.
  • Brown Note: The shazalakazoo's music.
  • Disguised in Drag: Gargamel as Aurora the good fairy.
  • Glass-Shattering Sound: Harmony plays the triangle at such a pitch that it causes Brainy's glasses to crack.
  • Larynx Dissonance: You can tell Gargamel has trouble trying to do a convincing female voice, even if in-universe Harmony doesn't notice.
  • Ow, My Body Part!: As Gargamel first chases after Harmony, he starts to develop pains all over his body until he collapses.