Recap / The Smurfs S 1 E 14 The Magic Egg

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An Animated Adaptation of The Smurfs comic book story "The Egg And The Smurfs" (original French title L'Œuf et les Schtroumpfs).

As the day of Smurf Day approaches, the Smurfs brainstorm ideas for what they could do to celebrate Smurf Day, but Grouchy shoots down all their ideas until Papa Smurf comes with the idea of making a cake. Soon the Smurfs get all the ingredients for the cake, but the one ingredient that they don't have is an egg. As the Smurfs go off into the forest to find an egg, Gargamel is busy making a metal egg with which he can use to make wishes, one of them being to find and capture the Smurfs. However, Bigmouth arrives at the wizard's hovel and takes the egg before Gargamel can use it, thinking that the egg is food. During Gargamel's struggle to get the egg back from Bigmouth, it slips out of his bag and rolls down a hill toward the Smurfs, who take the egg with them back to the Smurf Village. Fearing for their safety out in the forest, Smurfette makes a wish that they could be back home in the village, and instantly they are transported there with the egg, uncertain of how it happened.

Papa Smurf sees the egg and tries to crack it with a spoon, but the egg is so hard that it makes Papa Smurf's spoon break. Hefty decides to use an axe on the egg, saying he'll break it or he's "a smurfish sausage", and when he hits the egg with the axe blade, he instantly turns into a sausage. Papa Smurf then realizes that the egg is a magic egg, and soon the Smurfs have gathered around it, making wishes for whatever they want: one Smurf wishes to be rich, Smurfette wishes to be pink with purple flowers, Greedy wishes for a big barrel of sarsaparilla, and Harmony wishes to be the best horn player. The wishes get out of control as three Smurfs decide that they're going to be like Papa Smurf, with Papa Smurf saying, "if you're me, then I'm a monkey's uncle," while unwittingly striking the egg...and then turning into a monkey! Lazy and Vanity decide to wish each other into looking like trolls and monsters, and Papa Smurf sees that he needs to get the egg away from his little Smurfs before they all turn into monsters. However, the three Papa Smurf lookalikes decide to take the egg with them out into the forest so they can make all the wishes they want, which means Papa Smurf will have to find another way to deal with the egg.

Out in the forest, after the three Papa Smurf lookalikes accidentally turn Clumsy into a giant Smurf, Bigmouth takes the magic egg away from them and tries to bite into it, but it is so hard that he ends up kicking it away, only to hit Gargamel in the head with it. Back in the village, Smurfette sees Papa Smurf in the form of a monkey inside his laboratory and tries to shoo him away while he tries to mix up a magic formula that will restore him and his little Smurfs to their true forms. Upon its completion, Papa Smurf restored himself and Smurfette, and they both went out into the forest to restore the three Papa Smurf lookalikes to their true forms and to find out where the magic egg is. Meanwhile, Gargamel tries to make a wish for two Smurfs on a silver platter, only to get Lazy and Vanity in their monstrous forms that he ends up discarding them. He then tries to make a wish for the "biggest, plumpest Smurf of all", and ends up getting the oversized Clumsy who makes the wizard run off without the egg. Papa Smurf finds the egg and uses it first to undo all the wishes his little Smurfs made, then makes a wish to make the magic egg itself disappear because his little Smurfs have been selfish, silly, and "un-Smurflike" with their wishes.

At the end of the story, when Papa Smurf tries to relax, seeing that things are back to normal, Jokey shows up with what appears to be another magic egg. But as the Smurfs gather around and try to make wishes with it, the egg explodes, revealing itself to be one of Jokey's pranks.

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