Below is a list of standalone works related to ''Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos'' that have been most well-documented on this wiki:


!!!The Big Three
* WebVideo/EverymanHYBRID
* WebVideo/MarbleHornets
* WebVideo/TribeTwelve

!!!Other vlogs
* WebVideo/The4Steps: The first British Slender Man series. Markus Steps starts his own vlog for fun, but when childhood pictures of a tall man pop-up things turn for the worse...
* WebVideo/FiveZer02: Three dudes attempt to make a video series showcasing fun spots in their city (Louisville, KY). Things happen...
* WebVideo/AntediluvanOne: A man films himself looking for something in the woods before being chased by a group of proxies.
* WebVideo/TheAngelsGame: A Vlog quickly turns south as Slender Man starts turning up
* WebVideo/AppleOfOurEye: A man and his friends film themselves goofing around, but that all changes in [[WhamEpisode Ep. 5...]]
* WebVideo/AshesToAshes000: A vlog following a young man investigating into his cousin's insanity after being sent to an institution.
* ARG/CaughtNotSleeping: A young man goes to the internet for advice on his inability to feel rested after sleeping. The problem turns out to be worse than he expected.
* WebVideo/CompileTruth: Someone using the alias "Dr. Cairo" makes Slender Man cliff notes. [[UnreliableNarrator And]] [[TheMole more.]]
* WebVideo/CroatianFiles: Two guys find a HDD hidden in their dorm which shows two other guys filming themselves screwing around. It's not long before they come under the influence of more than just alcohol...
* WebVideo/DarkHarvest: A young man suspects his house might be haunted. It isn't long before he and his friend Alex are stuck in the middle of a cosmic game of chess with two unknown stalkers and an entire cult.
* WebVideo/TheDeadAreWatching: All Leo wanted was to prove that the supernatural exists. He got more than he bargained for.
* WebVideo/EmptyWalls121: A man investigating the separation of a youtube paranormal/urban legend team discovers more than he needed.
* WebVideo/FourTapes: A thief in the night finds something more then choice stolen goods when looting. Now lost forever due to the account being closed.
* WebVideo/FrenchCreekFiles
* WebVideo/FutureRefused: Stack finds a weird tape that seems to be referring to The Slender Man Mythos and decides to find out which friend made it. Before long, he finds out it's real.
* {{WebVideo/ICANSEETHEGIANT}}: A 3D silhouette introduces several people as candidates in a show of its own making. The series quickly transforms into something else entirely.
* WebVideo/KeratinGarden: Starts of as a SpearCounterpart to WebVideo/EveryManHybrid where the main character, Story Parker, creates a web blog featuring manicures until her health starts deteriorating and she becomes in-tangled with a conspiracy acted out by a pharmacist company.
* WebVideo/MidnightGrunt: The protagonist, Kai Bakken, starts a video series when he notices strange activity in a supposedly abandoned building. It starts to expand into a larger mythos featuring a organization called the Fifth Element which experienced a betrayal within their ranks which resulted in the breakup of the organization.
* WebVideo/MLAndersen0: Michael Lucas Andersen makes a vlog so his doctor can check his progress...until his friend and brother hijack the channel to express their worry over the "prank" Michael seems to be pulling on people.
* WebVideo/MHunter0012: Mark Hunter starts a vlog to express his grief over the death of his girlfriend Holly but soon finds himself in a war between the [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos Collector]] and his agent, Raziel, and the rogue creator, Harbinger.
* WebVideo/MyDarkJournal: Introduces the proxy named Victor that antagonizes several other characters from different series.
* WebVideo/OctarineNight: Kyle makes a Youtube channel for behind-the-scenes updates on his Slender Man series, that is until things start happening...
* WebVideo/OneHundredYardStare: Two girls have to deal with the consequences of trusting their friend when she asks them to check out a "[[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos ghost]]".
* WebVideo/PatricksRoom1: Stan Patrick wants to share his odd adventures with everyone via webcam, and then he finds a strange note, and a [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos strange man starts showing up...]]
* WebVideo/PunishingPrometheus: High school student Erik Daniels makes a video blog to fill in the gaps in his memory from the medication he's taking. It gets worse when Slender Man appears. Another dead series due to the creator closing his YouTube account.
* WebVideo/SimsSaga: An [[LetsPlay [=LPer=]]] and his girlfriend decide to do an AfterTheEnd scenario in [[TheSims Sims 2]]. Things go awry. Reminiscent of ''WebVideo/BenDrowned'', due to the primary medium being screen recordings of video game footage.
* WebVideo/SlenderHaunting: Jack notices strange things happening in his apartment, so he decides to document them.
* WebVideo/StrangeAeons: Arron takes his longtime friend Nick in as a roommate after his parents are hurt in a car crash. But Nick may have brought more problems with him than Arron thought.
* WebVideo/StanFrederick: A paranormal investigator who's had previous dealings with the Slender Man travels around helping people in similar situations.
* WebVideo/{{thetownthatdoesntexist}}: A man begins searching for his friend who vanished while researching into a non-existent town and discovers things he wasn't supposed to find out.
* WebVideo/TomorrowsHarvest: A young man investigating the disappearance of his friend discovers involvement in some fairly terrifying things.
* WebVideo/TJAProjects: TJ and Amy scout filming locations for a school project and end up finding Slender Man instead. He [[spoiler: and his cohorts]] seem to be after [[spoiler: TJ's baby daughter, Dahlia]]. Has spawned four (short-lived) follow-up series.
* WebVideo/TrialOfLeaves:
* WebVideo/WeepingThorns: After finding an abandoned camcorder, Rick begins getting stalked by you know who and disappears, leaving Ryan to sort through his friend's recordings to find out what's happened.
* WebVideo/WhisperedFaith: A web series that focuses more on WebOriginal/theRake than Slender. The main character starts to hear strange noises around his house and as he starts to invstigate,he comes across a journal written in several languages and as a result he becomes the target of the Rake and a cult that worships it called The Family.
* WebVideo/XMandelbrot: Hugo, an Ordinary High School Student is investigating the disappearance of his twin brother, Harry, with the help of his friend, Travis. It isn't long before a certain someone starts paying them a visit.


!!!The Big Four
* Blog/DreamsInDarkness
* Blog/JustAnotherFool
* Blog/SeekingTruth
* Blog/TheTutorial

!!!Core Theory Blogs
* Blog/AHintOfSerendipity: Slenderblogger Zero takes up the role of Sage and chronicles his battle against the Slender Man, and his [[FoeYay beloved]] [[AxCrazy Rika]]. A lot of his work spins-off from Blog/WhiteElephants Robert Sagel.
* Blog/AReallyBadJoke: Maduin's blog followers his exploits in which he [[BullyingADragon pranks Slender Man.]]
* Blog/AnomalousData: A Slenderblogger named Jay experiments on how one becomes haunted and how to cure it.
* Blog/RoadToTheHeavens: Blogger Amelia and the first female Sage to participate in the mythos takes up the charge and joins forces with [[Blog/AHintOfSerendipity Zero]] at the Solstice.
* Blog/{{Testing123}}: Slenderblogger Shaun tests defenses against the Slender Man while on the run.
* Blog/WhiteElephants: An influential slenderblog formerly run by Robert Sage. This is the man who introduced the Role and Title System, Core Theory, and such to the mythos.

!!!Other blogs
* Woe To The Conquered: A blogger named VaeVictus tries to survive on the run from Slender Man with help of his mentor Kaiden.
* Blog/AStupidSummerAssignment: Fred has to do a blog during summer vacation for extra credit when guess who appears.
* Blog/BelieveWhatYouSee: A Slenderblogger decides that, instead of waiting for The Slender Man to stalk him, he stalks Slender Man. Does not go as planned.
* Blog/CanYouSeeTheWords: A blog about an art student who's friends with [[WebVideo/EverymanHYBRID someone close to the Slendervlogging franchise]], and as expected, things aren't going well for her.
* Blog/CareForACuppa: A blog about an Aussie girl called Aly living a perfectly normal life, until her sister goes missing...
* Blog/CrasshingThroughTrees: The Glass Man experiences the full psychological wrath of the Slender Man firsthand.
* Blog/ExilisVeritas: A university student from New Zealand investigates the mythos after the disappearance of a friend, only to discover that "Where's-his-face"'s influence is closer to home than she may have realised.
* Blog/TheEleventhHourTrilogy: The story of a middle-aged Runner, a single mother and her troubled daughter and how they try to survive in the face of everyone's favourite EldritchAbomination.
* Blog/{{Haunting}}: A blog set up by [[PowerTrio three friends]], [[CoolBigSis Lya]], [[TheChick Matt]] and [[CloudCuckooLander Sandra]], the latter of whom Slendy has been following for ten years because she appears to be unaffected by him. He wants to know why. This blog is [[VillainsOutShopping quite]] [[MoodWhiplash different]] compared to your usual Slender-fare, but still manages to deliver the MindScrew.
* Blog/HikingFiend: Eric thought that the only dangers he'd encounter hiking in Montana were bears, wolves, or cougars. He was wrong.
* Blog/InTheDeadOfNight: On the way to a celebration, the main character sees something in the forest. He'll wish he hadn't.[[note]]{{Crossover}} with Series/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic. Yes, seriously.[[/note]]
* Blog/TheLovecraftian: Follows a runner trying to find a way to fight off proxies and his own demons.
* Blog/MakeItCount: The blog of a journalist investigating the disappearance of her best friend due to The Slender Man.
* Blog/MyNameIsZytherys: Girl finds journal, girl starts noticing odd occurrences, girl starts to realize a certain tall gentleman seems to be hanging about...
* Blog/ObserveAndTerminate: The Paranormal Termination Consortium's Slender Man division tries to research and destroy the creature itself. Goes about as well as you might expect...
* Blog/{{Penchant}}: Slender Man in Junior High.
* Blog/RoundedWithASleep: Darcy Hayward is using lucid dreaming as a therapy, but starts to get visits from Slender Man...
* Blog/ScreamingElectrical: A personal rambling blog of a 25-year old electrician who sees a blur outside his door that begins to come into focus and resemble a well dressed faceless man taller than most basketball player.
* Blog/SevenshotKid: Marble Hornets Lite. [[RecycledInSpace In high school.]] It's a blend of vlog and blog that maintains an interrelated story.
* Blog/TheLondonLibrarian: A library assistant, Ava, decides to blog about her life, but then she goes and leaves a confusing entry about how she's going to test a theory.
* Blog/TheyCallUsKeepers: Jeff decides to chronicle events in Slender blogs, it goes [[GoneHorriblyWrong horribly wrong]] and after a HeroicSacrifice, he attempts to organize the other blogs.
* Blog/ToLook: Erin Ashe [[IJustWantToBeNormal wants no part of this]]. [[BecauseDestinySaysSo Too bad]] [[EldritchAbomination for her]].
* Blog/TooTiredToBeAfraid: Annex is an average college kid, until he starts losing large amounts of time. Then he starts to see this fancy guy in a business suit...
* Blog/VivereDisce: When her best friend Kim goes missing, college student Jean Kyle is forced to confront a bizarre conspiracy.
* Blog/WhatYouAreInTheDark: A former servant of the Slender Man attempts to break away from his control with varying degrees of success. The first of the standalone proxyblogs.
* Blog/WithinHisThreshold: Damian Smith, AKA "himadsaint", begins to develop a bit of a cough while visiting some family friends in Ohio. Returning home, things eventually get worse...
* Literature/TheSlenderMan: Alyssa's brother Adam survives a horrific accident that leaves many others dead. Soon she starts to see a shadowy figure haunting her town as other children begin disappearing.
* Literature/HeSeesMe: Matt's friend Nathan has been taken by the Slender Man and Matt learns that so many others have suffered the same fate. Matt sets out to stop him.
* Literature/IntoNight: A story told via poems based on the Slender Man Mythos.
* Literature/ChildOfDoors: Arc's memories are filled with holes and blackouts that stretch back to her early childhood. She fills her days with a dead-end job and frequent trips to the library until she falls for Aimii. The Slender Man starts showing up outside of Arc's window and bizarre events threaten to destroy the tiny sliver of peace that Arc had found. This is before the secret government agencies get involved, then things get really crazy.
!!Fan Fiction
* Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries: Not a "real" Slender Man fic per se, but he starts showing up in the multi-part story [[index]] [[Recap/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeriesS5TVM2BlackRain "Black Rain"]].
* Fanfic/ByTheFiresLight: A six story series on [[]] that starts with a murder and ends in an apocalypse.

!!Movies and Short Films
* Film/AlwaysWatchingAMarbleHornetsStory: The official movie tie-in to WebVideo/MarbleHornets. Available through Video On Demand and with a limited theatrical release in May 2015.
* Film/{{Entity}}: One of the first [[ feature length Slender Man films]] announced. Originally planned for a summer 2013 release, it was delayed and then officially cancelled in 2014.
* Film/TheTallMan: When her son goes missing, a women investigates urban legends about a tall, faceless man who kidnaps children. Although inspired by the Slender Man mythos, it takes it in a very different direction.
* Film/{{Slender}}: Two Utah filmmakers, in desperate need of a subject, settle on a documentary about Slendy only for things to go horribly awry. Available on DVD and OnDemand April 2016.
* Film/TheSlenderMan: A brother and sister look into some similar cases of missing children. A private investigator is hired to do the same. Legally available for viewing on [[ YouTube]].
* Film/{{Hylo}}: An [[ independent feature film]] shot on a budget of $4000. Released on DVD November 2012.
* Film/{{Windigo}}: Some film students go camping in Canada. You can guess what happens next. Legally available for viewing on [[ YouTube]].
* Film/{{Fathom}}: An old man doing deep research on the Slender Man mourns over the loss of his sister, who was taken. Legally available for viewing on [[ YouTube]].
* Film/{{Proxy}}: A short film exploring The Slender Man Mythos, and its effects on one man's mind. Legally available for viewing on [[ YouTube]].
* Film/DerRitter: Four filmmakers encounter the Slender Man in the woods. Legally available for viewing on [[ YouTube]] and also available on DVD.

!!Video Games
* VideoGame/{{Slender}}: ''You'' are the poor, defenseless sap fleeing in terror from ''It''.
* VideoGame/SlenderTheArrival: You play as Lauren who trying to find her friend Kate who has been taken by Slender Man.