Episode - 5F06\\
First Aired - 12/7/1997

Feeling bored with life (once again), Marge takes a job in real estate but is uncomfortable having to bend the truth to make sales, especially when she wants to sell a cursed house to the Flanders. Meanwhile, Homer buys Snake's car at a police auction and Snake breaks out of jail to get it back.

This episode features Creator/PhilHartman's last appearance as Lionel Hutz before his death in 1998.


* TheAllegedHouse: This exchange lampshades a few of the common [[MetaphoricallyTrue metaphorical truths]] of real estate listings:
--> '''Lionel Hutz:''' There's "the truth" (shakes head) and "the truth." (smiles wide) Let me show you. (shows pictures of homes for sale)\\
'''Marge:''' It's awfully small.\\
'''Lionel Hutz:''' I'd say it's awfully "cozy."\\
'''Marge:''' That's dilapidated.\\
'''Lionel Hutz:''' "Rustic."\\
'''Marge:''' That house is on fire!\\
'''Lionel Hutz:''' [[RefugeInAudacity "Motivated seller."]]
** The house that the Flanders' are interested in plays with this: it's a perfect house, structurally speaking, but it's a ''murder house''. ''They'' are perfectly ok with it, but everybody else is in some way nervous about the whole idea and Marge actually feels like she swindled them for not pointing it out sooner.
* AnArmAndALeg: Kirk's arm is sliced off by Snake's wire while complaining that his sandwich wasn't sliced.
* BigNo: A variation. When Snake sees his car, Li'l Bandit, is next up for auction, he exclaims, "Oh, ''no''!"
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Implied with Cookie Kawn, who's number one on the west side and wants to keep it that way. She cheerfully greets Marge, then warns her to stay away from the west side, and then suspiciously asks Nick and Gil if they are talking about the west side, when in fact it was Nick talking about how long he thought Marge would last at Red Blazer Realty.
* BluffTheImpostor:
--> '''Moe Szyslak:''' Geez, this hot rod is souped up six ways from Sunday! Never had you figured for a gearhead, Homer.\\
'''Homer:''' [[BlatantLies Oh yeah, I'm a real expert.]]\\
'''Moe:''' What is that, a six barrel Holley carb?\\
'''Homer:''' You betcha!\\
'''Moe''': Edelbrock intakes?\\
'''Homer:''' Nothing but.\\
'''Moe:''' [[ArtisticLicenseCars Myohoff lifters?]]\\
'''Homer:''' Oh, yeah.\\
'''Moe:''' [[InvokedTrope I made that last one up]].\\
'''Homer:''' I see.
* BrickJoke: Kirk's arm is sliced off by Snake's piano wire. When he's later seen in the unemployment line at the end of the episode, he has a cast on that same arm.
* CannotTellALie: Marge can't bring herself to lie to people and ends up getting fired.
* CardboardPrison: The Springfield Penitentiary is apparently run on the honor system, a unlocked door with a "No escaping please" sign is the only thing keeping the prisoners in.
* CatchPhrase: Nick Callahan, one of the realtors, has one: "Boo-yah!" He says this twice, first when he manages to sell the Whitman place (which Gil had been trying to sell for 21 years), and again when he learns Marge sold the Murder House.
* CoolCar: Snake's car, "Lil' Bandit", which he's very protective of. And then it turns out that [[FatIdiot Homer]] purchased it.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Homer's reaction to Snake jumping in his car to steal it back.
-->'''Snake''': Give me my car, fatty!
-->'''Homer''': Hey, this is ''my'' car! And I'm not fat, it's glandular!
-->'''Snake''': ''[[SarcasmMode Right!]]''
* ContinuityCavalcade: The people in the unemployment line besides Kirk and Marge are Larry Burns (Mr. Burns' son from "Burns Baby Burns"), Lurleen Lumpkin (from "Colonel Homer," who looks just as worn-out and drug-addled as she did in "Marge vs. The Monorail"), George H.W. Bush (from "Two Bad Men"[[note]]The season seven episode where UsefulNotes/GeorgeHWBush and his wife, Barbara, move in across the street from The Simpsons and Homer and Bart play pranks on him[[/note]]), and the redheaded hippie writer (modeled after ''Simpsons'' writer George Meyer) from "The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show" who was fired for objecting to adding Poochie the dog in a vain attempt at revitalizing ''The Itchy and Scratchy Show''.
* CowboyCop: Marge gets the "loose cannon" speech from Hutz just before she's fired.
* DrivesLikeCrazy:
--> '''Marge:''' I'm not getting back in this car until you drive like a sane person!\\
'''Homer:''' [speeds off] Okaybyeloveya!
* EpicFail: The raid on the house of drug kingpin "Johnny D." Springfield Police found out the hard way that his compounds' main gate was utterly impervious to anything, including battering rams, blowtorches, acids and high explosives... and then it turned out that ''Johnny forgot to lock the thing''.
* ExactWords: Marge says at the end that it would have been nice to bring home at least one paycheck. Homer reassures her that she will, as he drives up to the unemployment office. He didn't say she had to still be employed to bring a paycheck home.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Nick's comment of "I give her a week." Hutz later tells Marge that if she fails to sell a house in her first week at Red Blazer Realty, she'll be fired.
* GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity:
--> '''Lionel Hutz''': Cubicles are for ''closers'', Marge. Anyone who doesn't sell a house their first week gets fired. I probably should've mentioned that earlier.
* HonorBeforeReason: Marge giving back the check because she sold the Flanders the Murder House.
* ICallItVera: Snake's car, which he calls Li'l Bandit.
* ImagineSpot: Marge imagines the dove on Ned's check telling her she has to tell the Flanders' the truth about the Murder House. The dove lets the branch fall from its beak, says, "You've got to tell them the truth, Marge. The truth!", then the branch flies back into its beak.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Marge feels she can't lie to people about the houses they buy, even tries to talk some people out of moving house altogether, and even though the Flanders' tell Marge they'll be happy in the Murder House, she tells them she won't feel right with herself until she returns their deposit. Lisa, however, commends Marge for not compromising her integrity.
* JerkAss: Hutz definitely qualifies given the fact he just gave Marge a jacket saying "Fired" meaning she's fired.
* TheLostLenore: Homer asks Skinner if he wants to drag race, only for Skinner to sadly remark that his high school sweetheart, Debbie Sue, was killed in a drag-racing accident. Homer tries to reassure him by saying, "It'll be fun." It turns out to be the worst thing he could say, as that's what Debbie Sue said before said accident.
* MachineEmpathy: At one point Homer drives the Lil' Bandit by Springfield Penitentiary, and Snake says that the car is "in pain" from the way Homer guns the engine. He also takes a whiff of the exhaust fumes as Homer drives away and is able to determine that Homer is using regular gasoline instead of premium.
-->'''Snake''': It needs Premium, dude! ''Premium''! '''[[SkywardScream PRRRRREEEEEEMMMMMIIIIUUUUMMMMMM!!!]]'''
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: Kirk getting his arm sliced off. All he utters is a sad, "Ow!" Also, [[BloodlessCarnage there's no blood or gore]].
* MassOhCrap: Marge, the Flanders' Homer and Snake all have one when Snake's car is about to crash into the Murder House. When Wiggum's police cruiser crashes into the house as well, the house collapses.
* MedalOfDishonor: Red Blazer Realty has blazers with custom badges for anything... including people who have been fired.
* NightmareFetishist: The whole Flanders family, strangely enough. When they find out their new house was the site of a large number of infamous murders, they're downright ''excited'' about living in a piece of Springfield history.
* NoodleIncident:
** The "Jealous Jockey Murders" that happened in the house Marge sells to the Flanders. We're not told the details as to what happened or how it was instigated, other than the intended victim Mrs. Astor survived by hiding in the butler's pantry and there was a "torso heap" in front of the fireplace in the living room. Whatever else happened got the home dubbed "The Murder House."
** The brief shot of Kirk in the unemployment line with his arm in a sling will come off as this if you watch the EditedForSyndication version where Kirk getting his arm cut off after Homer dodges the piano wire is cut.
* PunctuatedPounding: Homer indulges in this while fighting Snake for L'il Bandit.
-->'''Homer''': YOU'RE! GOING! DOWN! PUNK!
* RazorFloss: Snake uses this to try and decapitate Homer. Homer happens to duck at just the right time, and it gets Kirk's arm instead.
* ShoutOut:
** Gil makes his first appearance in this episode, and is patterned after Jack Lemmon's character in ''Theatre/GlengarryGlenRoss''. The "cubicles are for closers" line is also a parody of the line, "Coffee is for closers".
** Todd Flanders says [[Film/TheShining "Red room, red room]], over there!"
** Snake uses [[AcmeProducts Acme]] [[WesternAnimation/WileECoyoteAndTheRoadrunner Piano Wire]] when attempting to decapitate Homer.
* SkewedPriorities: Chief Wiggum's reason for pursuing Snake and Homer? They caused a 318- ''"Waking a police officer"''
* SexSells: Marge's real estate billboard. Parodied with The Lumber King billboard, where Homer is mesmerized by the fat, moving butt of the company mascot.
--> '''Homer''': Gee, that picture makes your butt look big!\\
'''Marge''': I thought so, too! But they said it sells.
* SoleSurvivor: Presumably Mrs. Astor from the Jealous Jockey Murders.
* ThatPoorCar: Snake is upset when he hears Homer shifting gears poorly and using regular gasoline instead of premium.
* ThirteenIsUnlucky: The residential ID of the Murder House is "1313".
* VocalDissonance: Mixed with CallBack: When Flanders is excited about the house he's touring, he screams like a woman.
--> '''Ned''': Purple drapes! All my life, I've wanted purple drapes! (high-pitched scream)
* WhosLaughingNow: When Johnny D's gates are sold at the police auction, Snake laughs at him. He has the last laugh when the next item turns out to be Snake's car.
* YouDidTheRightThing: Bart tries to console Marge after she's fired by telling her she did this. Eventually (his words).