Recap / The Simpsons S 9 E 12 Bart Carny
Bart and Homer are forced to work as carnies after Bart crashes the Mercedes convertible said to belong to Adolf Hitler, and befriend a father-son carny duo named Spud and Cooter, but when Homer brings Spud and Cooter to their home, it's the Simpsons that end up getting kicked out of it.


  • Comically Missing the Point: Homer not realizing Chief Wiggum was asking for a bribe no matter how obviously he was asking (I'm looking for a Mr. Bribe), and later not realizing he wouldn't help Homer when the Cooders locked themselves inside the Simpson House.
  • Dirty Cop: Chief Wiggum demands a bribe to keep a rigged carny game open, and later refuses to help the Simpsons reclaim their home out of spite because Homer was too stupid to bribe Wiggum when he was working at the carnival.
  • Genre Blindness: Let's just say Homer is rather bad at spotting suckers.
  • Squick: Lisa's reaction to Spud's ability to unhinge all the joints in his body.