'''Original air date''': January 4, 1998

It's yet another ''Simpsons'' clip show episode. In this one, Homer and Bart rent a gritty, spaghetti Western called ''Film/PaintYourWagon'', but that turns out to be a cheesy musical. Upset over the turn of events, Homer voices his dislike for musicals and singing, and the rest of the family show them (with the help of some conveniently-obtained videos) that a lot of The Simpsons' memories include singing and big musical numbers -- which gets interrupted when resident criminal Snake Jailbird holds the family hostage.

This is the first of two episodes to be produced by David Mirkin (the showrunner for seasons 5 and 6) instead of the current showrunner, Mike Scully.

!!Tropes featured:
* AluminumChristmasTrees: Yes, ''Film/PaintYourWagon'' is a real movie, and it was made ''after'' Creator/ClintEastwood became famous. Furthermore, it really ''was'' a musical.
* BaitAndSwitch: What Homer and Bart get from ''Paint Your Wagon'', but especially this moment, when Lee Marvin appears:
--> '''Lee Marvin''': Hey, what the ''hell's'' going on in my town?\\
'''Clint Eastwood''': We're just painting this wagon. You got a problem with that?\\
'''Lee Marvin''': As a matter of fact, I ''do''........ you missed a spot.\\
'''Clint Eastwood''': Well, grab a brush, and join in!
* BringMyBrownPants: When Snake first shows up:
-->'''Marge:''' (''singing'') It's a desperate criminal on the run from the law. Please, spare my family...
-->'''Homer:''' (''singing'') And their damp-trousered pa.
* ClipShow: mixed with MusicalEpisode and BottleEpisode.
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: By the end of the episode, Snake is so fed up with music that he shoots the orchestra who plays the ending theme. [[UpToEleven And then he shoots the performers of the Gracie Films theme.]]
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Even though this episode was rated TV-G in America (when it premiered. The reruns have it at its proper rating of TV-PG), it got away with showing Snake holding the family at gunpoint (and firing said gun during the credits), a reference to Milhouse being gay and clips from the risqué season eight episode "Bart After Dark".
* HopeSpot: Homer hopes Lee Marvin's appearance in the movie will get things back on track. Instead, he sings about oil-based paint and pine.
* MoodWhiplash: What is supposed to be a happy musical-based clip show becomes this when Snake breaks in the family's house and threatens them with his gun.
* PottyFailure:
--> '''Snake''': ''(singing)'' I'm back, so resume wetting your pants!\\
'''Homer''': ''(speaking)'' Okay.
* SelfDeprecation: In the grand finale of the songs
-->'''Lisa''': There is something worse...\\
'''Bart''':...And it really does blow....\\
'''Family''': ...When a long running series does a cheesy clip shoooow!
* SeriesContinuityError: In "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS6E20TwoDozenAndOneGreyhounds Two Dozen and One Greyhounds]]," Bart claimed that "See My Vest" was "pretty catchy" and even hummed along with the tune. Here, he claims that "it wasn't worth Burns' song and dance."
* TooKinkyToTorture: Snake lampshades this, and it scares him out of the Simpson home.
--> '''Marge:''': *singing* It's a desperate criminal, on the run from the law! Please spare my children... \\
'''Homer:''' *singing* ...and their Depp-trousered Pa! \\
'''Snake:''' *singing* A singing family?!? It's worse than I feared! For hostage purposes, you're just too weird! Bye! *Exit: living room window*
* YankTheDogsChain: Lisa asks Homer if he got ''Film/{{Emma}}''. Homer chuckles and tells her, "Whoa whoa, calm down little lady, take it easy", suggesting that he was able to get a copy. But then he answers: "No."