When Bart catches Seymour (Principal Skinner) and Edna kissing in a kiddie playhouse, the two bribe Bart into keeping their secret by making his permanent record Milhouse's, but when the stress becomes too much, Bart outs them and gets the two fired.

!!Tropes of this episode:
* BerserkButton: Bart getting ragged on by Martin.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Homer does three times
** Learning the name of Bartís teacher (thinking it's "Crandall" instead of "Krabappel")
** Using the bullhorn to ask Bart where the remote is instead of lecturing Bart about the trouble he's causing
** After Seymourís explanation (thinking Mrs. Krabappel is a virgin too).
* LaserGuidedKarma: Nelson getting food poisoning from the oysters after punching Martin.
* KidHasAPoint: Bart pretty has to help Seymour and Edna, even showing them how to create a scene.
* MassOhCrap: It happens Twice!
** First the school when Bart opens the janitor's closet
** Second [[spoiler: when Seymour admits to being a virgin]]
* PlayingSick: When kids get sick at Martin's party from eating oysters, Lisa (who, being a vegetarian, never ate any oysters) pretends to be sick just to be taken out of the party.
* PlotInducedIllness: The kids getting food poisoning from improperly served oysters.
* [[ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules Screw Exchange, I have Limits]]: Bart resorts to this despite the agreement to have his records exchanged with [[spoiler: Milhouse]].
* [[SmarterThanYouLook Smarter Than He Looks]]: Bart isn't fooled by Seymour's attempt at a cover-up and knows it. Then again, Skinner is a really BadLiar.
* ShoutOut: The commend Bart gives is a parody to the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' phrase "Set Your Phasers to Stun".
--> '''Bart''': Okay, crew, set your faces to stunned.
* TeachersPet: Bart is forced into this until his limit is pushed.
* TheDogBitesBack: Bart is used by Seymour and Edna to keep their relationship secret and humiliate him infront of his class. He immediately exposes their relationship after he's humiliated.
* WaxingLyrical: When Skinner's "bomb" turns out to be fake:
--> '''Wiggum''': Wait a minute, these are hot dogs! ARMOUR hot dogs!\\
'''Chalmers''': What kind of ''man'' wears Armour hot dogs?!
* YouHaveToBelieveMe: Bart just knocks on the doors of each classroom [[spoiler: to expose Edna and Seymour]].