Episode - 1F11\\
First Aired - 2/3/1994

While on a boring field trip to the box factory, Bart makes a break for it to Channel 6 Studios, home of Bart's favorite show, ''Krusty the Clown'', and gets a job as Krusty's assistant -- then becomes an accidental star after screwing up during a live sketch and blurting, "I didn't do it!"
!!This episode contains examples of:
* AndThisIsFor: Nelson when he thought Bart was lying about being Krusty's assistant.
* AsHimself: Creator/ConanOBrien (the only ''Simpsons'' writer ever to come back and voice himself. Also, the only ''SaturdayNightLive'' writer to voice himself on ''TheSimpsons'')
* BigFancyHouse: Lisa has one in her imagine spot.
* CatchPhrase: This episode makes fun of the fact that people who become famous for blurting a catchphrase are only famous for a short time. Lisa even says that if she ever becomes famous, it'll be for something more substantial.
* CelebrityIsOverrated: Bart at first loves the fame and attention it gets him, but eventually gets sick of the fact that he's treated as a one-trick pony.
* CreditsPushback: Done to Krusty's show; this results in Bart's name being hard to read when the tape is paused, and his friends don't believe that he actually works on the show.
* ImagineSpot: Lisa has a rather disturbing imagine spot where she kills Bart with her ''Nobel Peace Prize''.
** Bart has one when he tries to imagine a place he'd rather he instead of the box factory. It backfires when he can't think of anything else.
--> '''Skinner''': Class, instead of the box factory, today we'll be going to the..... box factory.\\
'''Bart''': Damn TV, you ruined my imagination, just like you ruined my ability to... to um... oh well. (pulls out a mini-TV and laughs while watching it)
* IronicEcho: "I wish I was dead."
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Bart taking a cell phone call during class while working as Krusty's assistant. Back then, the joke was that only important people had cell phones (and that cell phones in the 1990s were big and unwieldy). These days, with smaller cell phones and kids as young as ten having them (due to their parents trying to make sure where they are at all times or the kids themselves wanting to be hip and cool), the joke isn't all that funny or revolutionary, and comes off as odd that a ten-year-old would have such a big cell phone.
* TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior: Lisa fantasizes about killing Bart in her fantasy.
* YouGetMeCoffee: This is what Bart's career amounted to at first, nearly driving him to quit. Then he has to fill in for Sideshow Mel and the rest is history.
-->'''Krusty:''' This is a dream factory, the birthplace of magic -- an enchantment! Now I need you to go clean out my toilet.