Episode - 8F24\\
First Aired - 9/24/1992

The episode starts with Bart imagining the last day of school with things like Mrs. Krabappel changing his report card grades to all cs to be able to go to camp, and Principal Skinner telling the students to start attacking the place! When he wakes he heads down to breakfast,. He and Lisa are excited because they will be allowed to go to Kamp Krusty, a summer camp that is supposedly run by Bart's hero, Krusty the clown...if they both get C averages.

Lisa gets all As..and one B (much to her dismay), but Bart predictably gets all Ds. He tries to smooth talk Mrs. Krabappel into changing his report card, but she refuses. He tries changing it from Ds to As on the way home, but even Homer isn't dumb enough to fall for his apathetic attempt. However, because Homer doesn't want Bart hanging around all summer, he permits him to go. The next day, Bart, Lisa and most of the other child characters get on the bus for six weeks of fun at Kamp Krusty. When they're gone, the parents immediately start cheering and celebrating the thought of their kids being gone for six weeks and being able to do stuff they normally could not with kids around.

But when the kids arrive, Krusty is nowhere to be found. It turns out, the ''real'' owner of the camp is a man named Mr. Black, who merely bought the rights to use Krusty's name and image for the camp to attract kids, and the camp is actually a vermin infested dysoptia, whose only purpose other than to make wallets in arts and crafts to sell, is just to torture kids. And to make matters worse, their counselors are none other than other than Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney! The cabins are vermin infested, cold and are locked tight from the outside at night, the lakes too dangerous to swim in, the kids roast pinecones instead of marshmallows, they're feed nothing but gruel, they do not get to write any letters to their parents for obvious reasons, and their presents from home are taken. Mr. Black and the bullies on the other hand enjoy a life of luxury while the kids suffer. Bart remains hopefully Krusty will come eventually, but it's made very clear he is not, and he is shown actually on a trip to Maluabu, unaware of the camp's true nature. Lisa does manage to sneak a letter to Marge and Homer, warning them about the camp, but they just think she's exaggerating because she's homesick.

Eventually, likely to get more work out of the kids, Mr. Black hires Barney Gumble to come dress up as Krusty for the kids. Bart finally snaps and leads a revolution to other throw the camp ''Lord of the Flies'' style. This makes news, and Homer loses his newly grown hair and gains his weight he lost when he sees Bart is the leader. Because of the camp crisis, Krusty is called back from Wimbledon in England and comes to the camp. After realizing he is not an imposter, he apologizes to the kids, saying he was paid a ton of money to sell Mr. Black the rights. To make it up to them, he takes the kids on a trip to Tijuana Mexico.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* AdultsAreUseless: Lisa tries to warn Marge and Homer about Kamp Krusty, but they just brush it off as home sickness.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Double-subverted:
-->'''Bart''': Krusty, this camp was a nightmare. They fed us gruel, they forced us to make wallets for export, and one of the campers was eaten by a bear.
-->'''Krusty''': Oh my God! ''(sobbing)''
-->'''Bart''': Well, actually, the bear just ate his hat.
-->'''Krusty''': Was it a nice hat?
-->'''Bart''': Oh, yeah.
-->'''Krusty''': Oh my God! ''(sobbing)''
* BaitAndSwitch: There are a couple in this episode. One is found at the end of the synopsis above. The other has Homer giving Marge a massage on a hill. When she says they'll miss the fireworks, Homer says they have all the fireworks they need right here (implying that they're going to have sex). He then pulls back a blanket to reveal a picnic basket stuffed with fireworks (which are probably Bart's).
** Krusty decides to make it up to the kids by taking them on a two-week trip to [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks the happiest place on earth]]... Tijuana.
* TheBGrade: Lisa has [[SanitySlippage trouble]] accepting her report card had one B+ instead of only As.
* CassandraTruth: Homer and Marge think Lisa is being overly dramatic about how she describes Kamp Krusty, not knowing she is right.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Homer and Marge interpret Lisa's letter for help (which outlines how brutal the camp is) as typical homesickness.
* DaydreamSurprise: The episode begins with Bart asking Mrs Krabappel to alter his grades so he can go to Kamp Krusty. After a few seconds hesitation, she agrees. Then Principal Skinner, via the intercom, asks the students if they've brought their 'implements of destruction'. Cue the school being destroyed, until we cut to Bart in bed.
* DisneyOwnsThisTrope: The final lines of Kamp Krusty's song
-->''Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty''
-->''A Wholly Owned subsidiary of the Krusy Corporation''
-->''All rights reserved!''
* DrillSergeantNasty: One runs the fat camp.
-->'''Drill sergeant''': "Alright you piles of pan-drippings, I wanna see Crisco coming out of those pores! We're not leaving till this Christmas ''HAM'' gives me a pull-up."
* DudeNotFunny: The cruelties of the camp are played exactly for the child abuse they really are.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Is that [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS7E18TheDayTheViolenceDied Eliza]] we see in the back singing the Kamp Krusty song?
* EnemyEatsYourLunch: Kearney eats the jellybean cookies Marge sent to Bart and Lisa, then he tells Lisa they were disgusting.
* FelonyMisdemeanor: The bully counselors consider one of the campers a troublemaker just for ''coughing''.
* FiveSecondForeshadowing: As the bus enters Kamp Krusty, the bridge it drives over collapses, an indication of what's in store for the children.
* ForTheEvulz: ''Everything'' Mr. Black does boils down to this.
-->'''Mr. Black''': "Gentlemen, to evil."
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Kearney telling the kids, "Here's your cabin. If ya don't like it, T.S." T.S. means tough shit.
* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: Miss Hoover gives Lisa a B+ in conduct simply because she feels Lisa needs a blotch on her record. Lisa's resultant FreakOut causes her to injure Hoover.
* HongKongDub: The introductory video to Kamp Krusty is clearly dubbed over whenever Krusty mentions '[[AC: Mr Black]]'.
* HypocriticalHumor: Homer telling Bart that if you want something out of life, you have to work for it...and then telling him to be quiet, so he can hear the latest lottery numbers.
** Kent Brockman saying, without hyperbole, that the Kamp Krusty revolt is a million times worse than the conflicts he's reported on in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
* JerkAss: The parents, who celebrate the minute their children are out of sight. One of them even shouts "Don't come back."
** Mr. Black.
* KickTheDog: Mrs Krabapple takes joy in sabotaging Bart's efforts to go to Kamp Krusty.
-->'''Mrs Krabappel''': "Have a D-lightful summer!"
* {{Knighting}}: Krusty is in the middle of receiving one of these when he gets the phone call about Kamp Krusty.
* MoneyDearBoy: In-universe, Krusty's only excuse is that the camp organizers offered a huge sum for the use of his likeness, but he's very ashamed of what the camp turned out to be.
* KnightOfCerebus: The cruelties of the camp are played exactly for the child abuse they really are.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Krusty, when he sees what he allowed to transpire in the camp he authorized.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Mr. Black!
* NiceHat: According to Bart, one of the campers had one of these that was eaten by a bear. This is what truly convinces Krusty that the camp was a nightmare.
* NoSympathy: When Millhouse collapsed during the nature hike, Kearney jabbed a stick in him to get up. When Millhouse tried to tell him that a snake bit him, Kearney just tells him to get back in line.
* NoodleIncident: Mr. Black was president of Euro-Krustyland until it blew up. We don't find out how that happened or if he was involved.
** We see Krusty being asked to keep it down at Wimbledon and apologising to the Queen and then she suddenly's about to knight him when we see him next.
* OffModel: Ralph Wiggum looks skinny and misshapen during the scene of Lisa handing out care packages and mail to the campers. This can be justified in two ways: (a) Ralph was in the fat camp and his skinny, misshapen look is from lost weight, or (b) the animators (either overseas or domestic) screwed up and didn't have time to change it.
* OhCrap: The expression on the kid's face when they meet the [[BarbaricBully counselors]].
* RageBreakingPoint: Mr. Black trying to pass off Barney as Krusty, in lieu of dinner, is what finally pushes Bart into action and revolt.
* RuleOfCool: Bart's argument for renaming the camp "Camp Bart" instead of "Camp Freedom."
* SanitySlippage: Bart, after too long in Kamp Krusty.
* ShoutOut:
** Kearney playing the drums while the children are working on their wallets is a reference to Roman slavery ships, where one the guards beat a drum to add tempo to the rowers' movements.
** Lisa giving a letter to a 19th century style horseman is a reference to ''Literature/TheFrenchLieutenantsWoman''.
** The children taking over Kamp Krusty and raising their own society is a reference to ''Literature/LordOfTheFlies''.
** The camp post-revolt is a reference to ''Film/ApocalypseNow''.
* ShowerOfLove: Homer and Marge have sex in the shower during their time away from the kids.
* SummerCampy: A darker example of this trope.
** FatCamp: Kamp Krusty has one of these as well.
* YankTheDogsChain: While the kids are away, Homer actually loses weight and his hair starts growing back. Then he sees Bart in charge of Kamp Krusty. His hair instantly falls out and his stomach bloats.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The camp counsellors go missing after the kids take over the camp. The bullies presumably made their way back to Springfield, but Mr. Black is never seen again.