Episode - 9F17\\
First Aired - 4/1/1993

An [[AprilFoolsPlot April Fools' Day prank]] leaves Homer in a coma. As the family waits to see if he'll recover, they [[ClipShow recount moments from previous episodes]]...[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall of their lives]].
!!This episode contains examples of:
* AchillesHeel: Homer's is beer, according to him.
* AprilFoolsPlot
* ClipShow: The first one, and, as the title suggests, one that the writers had no choice but to do. On the DVDCommentary, they admitted to feeling overworked as Season 4 went on, so Creator/JamesLBrooks suggested a clip show to take the edge off.
* EstablishingShot: Lampshaded when Lisa's memory of playing the saxophone for Homer in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" cuts to outside the house.
-->'''Mike Reiss:''' Lisa's memory cut to an establishing shot.
* PoliceAreUseless: Wiggum is content to blow off the explosion at the Simpsons' house... until he learns beer is coming out of the chimney.
* ShoutOut: A reference is made to ''Literature/OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest'' and Don [=McLean's=] song "Vincent".
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: FOX wanted ''four'' clip shows per season to add more to the episode count and for cheaper the cost. Writers and producers refused, fearing that would alienate fans. The next clip show (the one where Marge wants to talk to the family about romance) wouldn't be until season six.
* WhosLaughingNow: During the flashback explaining the origins of April Fools' Day. The Christians (played by the Flanders) prank the pagans (played by the Simpsons). One angry growl later and the Christians are being burned at the stake.
-->[[CrowdChant "Now who's laughing? Now who's laughing?"]]