Homer puts himself on a diet after getting stuck on a water slide ride and making the news. Meanwhile, Marge realizes her lost dream of painting after Homer finds her old Music/RingoStarr portraits.
* AsHimself: Music/RingoStarr, the first of the (then-)three surviving [[Music/TheBeatles Beatles]] to appear on the show.
* BrattyHalfPint: Bart and Lisa nag Homer to take them to Mt. Splashmore all day and night until well after bedtime until he finally gives in and takes them there.
* BrokenRecord and OverlyLongGag: "Will you take us to Mount Splashmore?" "No.", "Will you take us to Mount Splashmore?" "No."...
** Much like the rake gag on "Cape Feare," this part was shortened in syndication (barring the FXX version that aired during the "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon).
* CompressedHair: [[https://frinkiac.com/gif/S02E18/233747/236016/ Marge manages to squeeze her tall hair into a swimming cap, with a little straining.]]
* CrocodileTears: Weaponised by Bart and Lisa to skip the line for a waterside. Lisa starts crying and screaming "I want my mommy!" while Bart acts like the concerned big brother, pushing past everyone with Lisa close behind.
* DietEpisode: The first of many involving Homer. Played more realistically than most in that Homer's weight loss isn't dramatic or significant enough to alter his appearance much, he simply loses enough to reach a healthier weight (and because he was humiliated on the news).
* FanDisservice: Seeing Mr. Burns naked in all his [[NothingButSkinAndBones skeletal glory]]. Everyone who sees the nude portrait of him is seriously {{Squick}}ed by it.
* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Marge discovers that Mr. Burns has absolutely no redeeming qualities, making it difficult for her to make a good painting of him. She tries to tell him she can't paint a positive picture of him due to his behavior, but Mr. Burns cuts her off by saying he needs the painting done on time and tells her to shut up and paint.
* KentBrockmanNews: The news anchors cracking jokes about Homer's weight while on the air.
* KickTheDog: Burns making fun of Homer's attempt at losing weight, driving Homer to binge on food again until Marge stops him. It is also the final straw to Marge realizing Burns has no redeeming qualities and pretty much tells him to get out.
* MoralEventHorizon: In-universe. Mr. Burns crosses this in Marge's eyes with the aforementioned remark about Homer's weight. Marge even lampshades it.
-->'''Marge:''' I used to think there was good in everyone until I met that man!
* NoNameGiven: Subverted. Apu's first name is revealed in this episode.
* OutOfCharacterMoment: Lisa pretending to cry so that she and Bart and move to the front of the line. It's one of the few times she's shown to willingly join in one of Bart's scams.
* RhymesOnADime: Apu's story is titled "Hands Off My Jerky, Turkey".
* SceneryCensor: Marge runs into Mr. Burns getting out of the shower, his private parts covered up by her arm. Later, when Marge's portrait of Burns is unveiled and it turns out to be nude, the crotch keeps being blocked by people's heads or hands.