After getting his coworkers in trouble for stealing office supplies, Homer begins wetting the bed. Thinking this is LaserGuidedKarma for what he did, he tries to atone -- only to continue peeing in his sleep. With the help of Professor Frink, the Simpsons go on an ''Inception''-style journey to Homer's dreams to find out why he's been wetting the bed.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Homer's dream is falling, Marge's dream is drowning of fish, and Lisa's dream is having tomatoes thrown at them.
* BaitAndSwitchComment: Once atonement for how Homer screwed his coworkers didn't stop him from wetting his bed, he drew a knife and said it was time for drastic measures. He cut open the plastic wrapping of the yellow pages. (Or, as it's known in-universe, the internet for old people)
* FreudianExcuse: for Homer's bed wetting.
* LostInTranslation: When translated into Brazilian Portuguese, "met" and "wet" (as in "urinated on," not the adjective meaning "covered or saturated in liquid") become respectively "conheci" and "molhei". The translators used the first and completely killed the pun.
* MeetYourEarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In one of the dreams, the Simpsons act and look as they did in the early ''The Tracy Ullman Show'' shorts.
* PunBasedTitle: The title is based on the sitcom ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''.
* RecursiveReality
* WholePlotReference: Despite the title being based on ''How I Met Your Mother'', the episode plot is similar to ''Film/{{Inception}}''.