Selma marries Fat Tony while Lisa uses Bart to sniff out truffles.

* BaitAndSwitchComment: After no longer needing his pig to find truffles, Luigi showed a knife and [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness said the pig would have a new usefulness]]: knife sharpener.
* EnormousEngagementRing: Fat Tony's real wife laughs at the size of Selma's ring, which is a ring of a mistress. Her ring is huge and the gem is as big as her fist.
* ExactWords: When Lisa asked Bart to find three more truffles, she said she wanted them to be as big as a baby's head. When Bart agreed, she pointed to a swollen-headed baby.
* LanguageBarrier: Fat Tony takes an advantage of Selma who doesn't speak Italian. The wedding is officiated in Italian and Selma was asked to be Tony's mistress, not his wife.