After tickling Bart into PottyFailure, Homer is sent to parenting therapy and is put through shock treatment (by having Kareem-Abdul Jabbar strangle him near-constantly) after admitting that he strangles Bart as a means of discipline.

!! Tropes:
* EdgyBackwardsChairSitting: Homer's shrink sits this way when he wants to explain that strangling of a child is inexcusable. Strangely, he sits backwards to appear more intense and serious, other than to have the usual connotation of being relaxed.
* HypocriticalHeartwarming: When the therapist loses his patience with Bart after seeing the boy not caring that his father was about to die in front of him and begins strangling him himself, Homer sees this and leaps to his sons defense since only he's allowed to strangle his son.
* KidsAreCruel: It turns out that Homers abusive disiplining of Bart are actually keeping Barts bad boy tendancies from going UpToEleven.
* TheShrink: A therapist attempted to cure Homer of his Bart-strangling obsession (or at least make him understand it's not acceptable to strangle children) by having somebody strangle Homer all time. When Homer was "cured", the therapist said the road of recovery was far from over but had a change of mind when Homer confessed to have lied about having insurance.