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Recap: The Simpsons S 22 E 11 Flaming Moe
Moe, with help from Smithers, turns his tavern into a gay bar for the average homosexual man and face competition from a glitzy, stereotypically camp gay disco across the street. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner forces Bart to spend time with a substitute teacher's daughter while he gets cozy with the substitute.


  • Call Back: Moe has pictures of how Moe changed his bar in Homer the Moe (not to be confused with this episode, "Homer the Moe" is the one where Moe turns his bar into a hipster nightclub while Homer turns his garage into a bar for average Joes), Bart Sells His Soul (the subplot of Moe turning his bar into a kitschy family restaurant), and Mommie Beerest (Moe teaming up with Marge to make an English pub).
  • Name's the Same: There is another Simpsons episode called "Flaming Moe's", (the one where Moe steals Homer's idea for a cocktail made with children's cough syrup and Aerosmith becomes the first band to guest star on a Simpsons episode) which had a drink called "The Flaming Moe."
  • Pet Heir: One of the beneficiaries in Mr. Burns' will.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Once Mr. Burns' daily half hour of sanity ends, he starts riding his lawyer while he imagines he's riding a dinosaur. When Homer entered Burns' office, he also believed a dinosaur was there.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: Comic Book Guy's cousin Comic Book Gay looks like Comic Book Guy with a moustache.
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