Bart and Marge reunite with their old playdate buddies after Bart finds out that he has the same scar as a fifth grader who knows him.

!! Tropes:

* TheDitz: During the flashback, a young Wiggum accidentally drops baby Ralph and hits his head, explaining one of the many reasons for Ralph's ditzy behavior. Wiggum looks around if nobody saw it.
* EveryoneIsBi: Apparently, all the mothers except Marge are bisexual as they make out with each other in the end.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Comic Book Guy's retelling of the event that gave the kids their scars (a prank by detonating all the fireworks of a Fourth of July celebration tossing red-hot top sabres to their hands) is narrated with an EpicFantasy-style tone.
* NerdsSpeakKlingon:
-->'''Comic Book Guy''': The answer is no, and I can say it in [[Film/{{Avatar}} Na'vi]] and Klingon, which are pretty much the same. I have some theories about that, which I will share with you never.
* PoisonousFriend: The entire group to each other, pushing each other to more dangerous stunts and pranks, but the fifth graders' moms are the first to react, [[HypocriticalHumor taking their children away and telling Marge that Bart is a bad influence as they leave]].
* SeriousBusiness: Dodgeball. Read below under TakeThat to understand why ItMakesSenseInContext.
* StatusQuoIsGod: Lampshaded. In the end, Marge was reading a book about Status Quo.
* TakeThat: To dodgeball. The prize offered to the kids who won Springfield Elementary's Dodgeball Championship was not having to enter the next dodgeball championship.