This year, we have a Transformers parody with robots attacking each other in Springfield, Homer murdering celebrities for fun and profit (mostly profit for the executives who want to use celebrities in their ads), and a lawyer-friendly ''{{Peanuts}}'' parody featuring a murderous pumpkin.

!! Tropes:
* {{Bowdlerization}}: The UK airing of this episode cuts out the scene in the second story of Homer killing Prince by strangling and stabbing him with the guitar shaped like the symbol he used as his name in the 1990s (though the scenes of George Clooney and Neil Armstrong getting murdered were left in, possibly because Prince's death was bloody and can easily be imitated while Clooney's and Armstrong's deaths[[note]]Clooney is sucked into quick-drying cement when he imprints his hands outside the Mann's Chinese theater and Armstrong is hit with a golf club after a very long Rube Goldberg-style sequence[[/note]] were too cartoonish to be considered a threat).
** The UK version also cuts the scene from "Untitled Transformers Parody" with the Sex Toy Bot.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: While talking about Thanksgiving, Bart mentioned how delicious turkeys become when the stuffing is shoved up its... At this point, Lisa, who knew how stupid it was to describe Thanksgiving to a giant turkey, shut him.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: In the first story, Marge managed to convince the two leaders of the robot armies to end their age-old war...only for them to team up to take over Earth.
* TheDeadRiseToAdvertise: The second story's theme.
* TheUnintelligible: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]. At first, it seemed the adults in the ''Peanuts'' parody would be this like in the real ''Peanuts'' stories but the only adult sounding like that was Marge while playing the trombone.
* TooDumbToLive: Bart and Milhouse in the ''Peanuts'' parody.