Episode - 7G02\\
First Aired - 1/14/1990

Bart cheats on an intelligence test by swapping papers with class nerd Martin Prince, and soon finds himself transferred to an elementary school for genius kids, who don't see Bart as one of them.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* AtTheOperaTonight: Marge takes the family out to see a production of ''Carmen'' in Russian.
* CantTieHisTie: Homer teaches Bart how to put on a necktie by presenting his clip-on: "The hook goes over the top, and these things go in there!"
* CatchPhrase: Marks the first use of Bart's "Eat my shorts!"
* ImagineSpot: Bart has one while working on a math problem on the intelligence test.
* IncrediblyLamePun and GeniusBonus: A calculus expression has the answer r^2dr, which the teacher uses come up with the phrase r-squared dr (or r-d-r-r), which sounds like ''har de har har,'' which sounds a bit like laughter. The other kids think it's funny, though.
* LiteralMetaphor: When Bart is caught with red spray paint on his hands, and Martin Prince tells Principal skinner "[He] might say [he] caught him red-handed".
* NothingPersonal: Martin insists he only told on Bart to fend off the desecration of the school building. After Bart tells him to stuff it, he tattles on him ''again''.
* ScrabbleBabble: The former TropeNamer of "Kwyjibo".
* TheStoolPigeon: Bart switched papers with Martin largely to get pay back for his constant snitching.
* TeachersPet: Martin
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Bart's initial purpose for switching tests was to get back at class snitch Martin, though the consequences this has on him are never revealed. The original script included a scene where Dr. Pryor talks to Martin's parents about his failing the IQ test and needing to go to a school for mentally retarded kids.