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Recap / The Simpsons S 19 E 17 Apocalypse Cow

Bart tries to save his new cow from the slaughterhouse and ends up nearly married to a hillbilly girl named Mary.


  • A Boy and His Cow
  • Meaningful Name: Mary got her name because she's the one her parents expected to get married. Yes, the Spucklers were that crazy.
    Cletus: Isn't that right, Stabbedinjail?
    Stabbedinjail: We'll see who stabs who.
  • Take That: When Bart is bundling manure, the bundles come out as Pirates of the Caribbean 3.
    • Similarly, the opening gag is a dig at Merchandise-driven franchises such as Transformers, and product placement in general.
    • The way cows are farmed takes a pretty hard hit.
    Bart: Wow, Lou, what happened to you? You got fat.
    Lisa: Of course he got fat. The food he ate was laced with growth hormones.
    (Lou licks Bart's arm, which then grows hairy)