Flanders rents a room to two college girls who host a webcam porn site. Upset that no one in town told him this (and that Homer was the one who told everyone), Ned moves to the seemingly perfect town of Humbleton, Pennsylvania, while a brash coach moves into Flanders' house and begins harassing Homer the same way Homer harassed Ned.

!!Tropes featured:

* EtTuBrute: What really makes Flanders upset is the fact that Homer was not only among those who secretly mocked him for the porn site incident but also is the one who informed others.
* JerkJock: Coach Clay Roberts.
* ItsAllMyFault: Parodied. When Homer discovers Ned moved away:
--> '''Homer''': Oh he's gone! And it's all someone's fault!
* JerkassRealization: Homer gets one after putting up with Clay Roberts antics, and admits to Flanders himself that he must have a lot of patience to put up with a big, dumb jerk like Homer.
* LaserGuidedKarma: Homer drove away his very nice and trusting neighbor after humiliating him and years of harassment. Clay Roberts starts bullying Homer as well.
* PassiveAggressiveCombat: The people of Humbleton are masters of this, first with pleading puppy-dog eyes to get Ned to shave, then with giving Ned a statue saying "You're on thin ice" when he refuses to shave.
* TakeThat: When Homer finds Milhouse and Bart laughing at something online, he warns them, "If you say Creator/JimmyFallon, I'll know you're lying."
* WeWantOurJerkBack: Played straight and inverted. Ned gets irritated by the people of Humbleton, while Homer begins to miss Ned once he's bullied by Coach Clay.