Homer and Bart participate in a ''{{Series/Robot Wars}}''-style robotic combat game show — with Homer disguised as a robot in order to help his son, as building an actual robot was beyond him. Meanwhile, Snowball II dies and Lisa goes through a string of replacement Snowballs.

!! Tropes:
* AttackItsWeakPoint: Played With. Bart said Professor Frink's robot had one of these, only to see Frink upgrade it to the robot's strongest part.
* CallBack: The montage of Homer and Bart winning their fights is set to "Watching Scotty Grow". When Homer is losing the final bout, he deliriously sings a few lines of the song.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Homer has a nightmare where he wins an Oscar and a robot kills him for making a speech that lasts longer than 30 seconds.
* LoopholeAbuse: Averted. When Homer was announced as a robot fight champion despite not being a robot, the one announcing Homer dared everyone to state any rule prohibiting humans from being robots. He was then shown Rule Number One.
* SnapBack: At the end of the subplot, Lisa christened her final cat "Snowball II". When Principal Skinner called her out on this, Lisa mentioned the name Armin Tamzarian.
* TakeThat: When Chief Wiggum disguises his car as a pizza car, he uses a Domino's Pizza logo to be sure nobody will want any pizzas from him. Sky 1's airing of the episode in the UK removes this scene, mainly due to the fact that Domino's sponsored the show for 10 years, and having a scene which insults the sponsor would have likely caused trouble.
* ThreeLawsCompliant: Frink’s robot, luckily for Homer.
* UnroboticReveal: In-universe.
-->'''Sideshow Mel''': That robot has given birth to a man!
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: “Can robots feel pain? If so, we are horrible, horrible people!”