In this loose parody of the musical ''Evita'', Lisa is elected Student Body president, but is unaware that the school staff plans to use her to their own ends.
!!''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode “The President Wore Pearls” provides examples of the following tropes:

* ArtisticLicenseLaw: On a similar vein to GradeSchoolCEO being unrealistic, there is no real way whatsoever that Skinner's plan of using Lisa as the FallGuy for his corner cutting would fly in real life-school presidents ''cannot'' do anything regarding the manipulation of school funding (especially the removal of classes). Of course, [[CrapsackWorld Springfield]] runs on the RuleOfFunny.
** It might have worked in Japan though, assuming the plan was to get rid of student clubs.
* AdamWesting: Controversial documentary maker and Simpsons fan Creator/MichaelMoore, who has something of an appetite for accusations of factual flippancy, has a ten-second cameo appearance as himself, introduced as a “professional butt-in-ski” to offer rhetorical support to Lisa’s student strike. He rather readily admits to Kent Brockman that he found his claim that “kids who don’t have music and art are ten times more likely to fail in life and appear in one of [his] movies” from this source: “{{Your mo|m}}ther!” He also provides extensive commentary about the episode on the Season 15 DVD.
* BlatantLies: [[OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope On advise from their lawyers]], the people responsible for the episode swear they have never heard of a musical based on the life of Eva Perón.
* ComicalOverreacting[=/=]DisproportionateRetribution: All the adults didn't take it well when Martin Prince revealed that the school casino was fake. To make it worse, Marin was forced to resign as class president while Skinner had to deal with the rental company whose equipment the adults trashed.
* CuttingCorners: Skinner decides to do just that, removing various study subjects and making Lisa the [[FallGuy fall girl]] for the deed.
* DirtyCoward: Skinner for using Lisa as TheScapegoat for his budget cuts
* {{Dissimile}}: Marge compares Lisa, once installed as president, to “Geraldine Ferraro … except she lost.”
* MisBlamed: Everyone blames Skinner for the budget cutbacks because he's the one who has to make them, ignoring the schools ridiculously low budget, the goverments constant budget cuts and the adults of Springfield refusing even minor tax increases to actually keep the school running properly.
** Martin is blamed for the disastrous casino night, even though it was the attendants fault for not realizing that a friggin ''school'' wouldnt be running a real casino.
* MusicalEpisode.
* NeverASelfMadeWoman: When Marge saw how Lisa was dressed-up, she said Lisa looked successful and compared her to "the wife of a businessman".
* SarcasmBlind: Marge as Bart sarcastically complimented Lisa for her actions as Student Council President.
* ShoutOut: One of the songs has Lisa saying "Let's [[MaryKateAndAshleyOlsen Olsen-twin]] me".
** Martin's scheme with the fake casino is mentioned by him to have been based on an episode of ''Series/SavedByTheBell'' (probably a fictional one). Of course, the fact that ''the exact same thing'' (people rioting when it's discovered that they didn't really win anything) happened on the ''Saved by the Bell'' episode didn't clued Martin about how the adults would react...
* VillainSong: Well, partially. During Lisa's big number, we get snippets of "Evil Plan" sung by Skinner revealing his true intent to manipulate her.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Skinner wants to lower Springfield Elementary’s budget. A worthy endeavor, that. How does he plan to carry this out? By removing gym, music and art from the school’s curriculum. [[SarcasmMode Right, that won’t hurt the kids at all.]]