Recap / The Simpsons S 14 E 6 The Great Louse Detective

Someone's out to kill Homer, after Homer gets locked into a sauna by a hooded man and only Sideshow Bob can figure out who that is.


  • Call Back: Most of Homer's past enemies were from previous episodes, including the son of deceased nuclear plant worker, Frank Grimes.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Frank Grimes, Jr. is the person trying to kill Homer.
  • Human Cannonball: Bob gets into the cannon on one of the Mardi Gras floats and lights the fuse in order to launch himself into the air and save Homer from getting Impaled with Extreme Prejudice on one of the swordfish in the swordfish museum.
  • Jerkass: Homer's friends at the bar actually give Sideshow Bob advice and encouragement to kill Bart.
  • Recruiting the Criminal
  • Sauna of Death: First attempt on Homer's life. He was actually already in danger by being in the sauna at all because of his obesity and heart problems. The sauna controls helpfully included the setting "murder".
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Sideshow Bob was asked why he doesn't just shoot Bart. He tried it at the end of the episode and it turns out he grew accustomed to Bart's face.
  • You Killed My Father: The reason Frank Grimes, Jr. tries to kill Homer.