The family ends up on an ''The 1900 House''-type reality show after Lisa's newly-obtained hockey stick from a Russian player infests the house with termites.

This is [[EndOfAnAge the final episode aired to be animated with cels]] before [[ArtEvolution transitioning to digital ink and paint]].

!! Tropes:

* GilliganCut: When a pipe fell on Homer's head at the plant, Burns was afraid he'd hold out for millions. Cut to the next scene with Homer and the family going to a hockey game to enjoy the skybox. And Homer didn't even realize it was a hockey game before Lisa pointed it out. In fact, several people didn't realize they were going to a hockey game until they read the sign at the stadium.
* GoodIsBoring: The Simpsons soon become much nicer after living a 19th-century, but ratings plummet.
* ImmediateSelfContradiction: When the Simpsons ask the writers of the show for food, they comment they're not allowed to interfere with the show, just ''after'' they had put the Simpsons' house in a river. And just to rub salt he orders to have the house remains burned.
* ShoutOut:
** The exterminator company's name was "A Bug's Death" and their truck had a design that resembled ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife''.
** While the Simpsons' house is being fumigated, the theme of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' is playing while they are waiting.
* ToiletHumor: One of the more interesting and literal examples in the series:
--> '''Bart''': ''[opens the kitchen door and the termite-damaged knob comes off]'' Hey Mom, our crapshack's going to Hell.\\
'''Marge''': ''[offended]'' Bart, watch your potty mouth!\\
''[Homer suddenly falls through the ceiling onto the kitchen table while still seated on the toilet]''\\
'''Homer''': ''[notices Marge and Bart]'' Hey, get out! I'm in here! ''[{{beat}}]'' Oh.