Bart and Lisa end up in the same third-grade class after the latest standardized test shows that Lisa got the highest grade and gets to skip ahead while Bart got the lowest grade and has to repeat third grade.

!!"Bart vs Lisa vs The Third Grade" contains examples of:
* BookDumb: Double subverted with Bart. He had such a low score in his test that he was sent back in third grade, where he had better grades than Lisa. It's not that he is smarter, he just remembers the correction grid by heart (not even what they mean, he just knows question one's answer is A).
* FunWithAcronyms: Bart devises abbreviations to help remember things on the test. Lisa doesn't find it very helpful.
--> '''Bart''': Quiet Nerds Burp Only Near School.\\
'''Lisa''': Bart, I'm doing my geography homework.\\
'''Bart''': I know. That's how you remember the four original provinces of Canada. Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia. "Quiet Nerds Burp Only Near School." Here's how you remember their principle exports: "Dogs eat barf solely on Wednesday, Mabel."\\
'''Lisa''': Stop!\\
'''Bart''': Canada's Governor's General: "Clowns love haircuts, so should Lee Marvin's valet."\\
'''Lisa''': GET OUT!
* ImagineSpot: Bart has one in class, due to TV withdrawal.
--> '''Clown''': It's finally happened, Bart: You've lost your mind!
* NoodleIncident: Bart has a fascinating one involving Lisa's bike and an unattended steamroller.
* StatusQuoIsGod: It was even [[LampshadeHanging praised]] after Bart returned to fourth-grade and Lisa returned to second.
* SadisticTeacher: Audrey [=McConnell=] (on Lisa's account).
* TookALevelInJerkass: Bart once more turns up the dial just to make sure to give Lisa a nightmare in the grade he was degraded to. He apologizes at the end.
* VomitDiscretionShot: The NBC news anchor randomly starts puking in a garbage can during a break. While we don't get to see the vomit, we see the action on screen and clearly hear realistic vomiting noises.
* WhereTheHellIsSpringfield: Springfield is in a Northern state -- that somehow has a Confederate Stars and Bars on their flag.