After getting branded a coward by Homer during a treehouse fire, Santa's Little Helper becomes a commercial celebrity, and the owner who abandoned Santa's Little Helper on the ChristmasEpisode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" returns to retrieve his meal ticket.

!! Tropes:

* CallBack: The man who abandoned SLH way back in the first episode, returns here to reclaim him after the pooch becomes famous.
* HoldingOutForAHero: All the townspeople are too busy shaming Santa's Little Helper for not saving Homer to actually bother going in themselves.
* [[IHaveNoSon I Have No Dog]]: Homer paid dearly for saying that. As in losing the money Santa's Little Helper got as a celebrity.
* InUniverseNickname: When the family sees Bart's second treehouse on fire, Marge makes sure everyone is together:
-->'''Marge:''' Family head count -- Pointy (Lisa), Pointy (Maggie), Spiky (Bart), Stylish (herself)...\\
''(Marge, feeling no other head, gasps)''\\
'''Marge:''' Where's Baldy (Homer)?
* ShallowParody: Santa's Little Helper watches an episode of Rin Tin Tin on tv, but it's a very shallow parody. All we see is Rin Tin Tin biting UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler in the ass. First of all: the Rin Tin Tin movies were popular during the 1920s and early 1930s, way before Hitler took power. Secondly the series never became political, so it seems that Hitler just makes a cameo appearance here because both he and Rin Tin Tin appeared in black-and-white movies. And because having [[AdolfHitlarious Hitler randomly pop up everywhere is always good for a cheap laugh]], right?
* ShoutOut: Santa's Little Helper watches an episode of RinTinTin on tv.