To impress Marge, Homer becomes the CEO of the nuclear plant by releasing a canary (the real head of the nuclear plant) and demanding that Mr. Burns give him a promotion.

!! Tropes:

* CallBack: As Mr. Burns shows Smithers the plant's hierarchy, Homer is outranked by the inanimate carbon rod from [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS5E15DeepSpaceHomer "Deep Space Homer."]]
** Also, a crossed photograph of [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS8E23HomersEnemy Frank Grimes]].
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Mr. Burns had a canary to serve as a fall guy to be arrested for his crimes. Upon being questioned of the legality of what he's doing by Smithers, Burns explains that tycoons like him have been doing it for years--for example, Standard Oil was once owned by a half eaten breakfast.
* StatusQuoIsGod: Lampshaded with Homer's "Homer's 305th Everything is Back to Normal BBQ". This was episode 306.