'''Original air date''': February 24, 2002

!!Tropes featured in the episode:
* CrooksAreBetterArmed: The climax involves a group of thieves (led by Snake) getting in a shootout with the police while trying to rob a bank, with [[PoliceAreUseless the police]] being only Wiggum and ThoseTwoGuys armed with revolvers and the robbers (six of them) being equipped with body armor and [[ShoutOut the]] [[Film/{{Aliens}} M41A Pulse Rifle]]. [[RockBeatsLaser They are beat by an alcoholic cowboy packing a lasso]].
* HumanInterestStory: Kent Brockman does one on the "Western craze" sweeping Springfield Elementary.
--> '''Lisa''': I'm Annie Oakley!\\
'''Nelson''': I'm Kevin Costner, in one of his Western roles.\\
'''Ralph''': I'm a gulch!\\
'''Kent''': So I guess you could say... this barely qualifies as news.
* HypocriticalHumor: When Krusty is approached about doing a Western-themed show, Krusty initially rejects them, saying he wants his show to have a timeless quality. A staff member then tells him, "Here's your hanging Chad sketch, Krusty." Krusty is delighted: "Oh, good, you worked in Judge Ito."
** Homer put's down his flask long enough to shame Buck for being TheAlcoholic.
* PerformanceAnxiety: Buck gets it when Krusty tells him that millions of viewers will be watching his show, including the TV Guide Cheers and Jeers columnist ("And he's already given out all his Cheers."). This leads Buck to start drinking again.
* ReTool: Buck tells how he was a cop show star in the '70s, and all he did was "shoot hippies". He mentioned that they wrote him out of the show and it became ''Series/{{Room222}}''.
* ShoutOut: The hippies that Bucks shoots in his seventies show include ComicBook/TheFabulousFurryFreakBrothers.
* ShortRunners: Zig-zagged; Buck's show from the '50s only ran a year, but they did 360 episodes, "all of them great."