Homer needs to do a good deed before he can go into Heaven in ''G-G-G-Ghost D-D-D-Dad'', the Simpson kids get lost in a warped fairy tale world in ''Scary Tales Can Come True'', and dolphins rise from the waters to take over Springfield in ''Night of The Dolphins''.


* AbusiveParents: Homer and Marge in the second story. Homer throws the kids away and Marge berates him for doing that instead of ''selling'' them.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The dolphins are this in the third story, especially after their king is freed, who then declares war on humans.
* BalefulPolymorph: Homer in the second story gets transformed by the wicked witch into a fish-headed chicken with broom for wings. Apparently he can ''lay eggs''.
* TheBadGuyWins: The evil dolphins win the war, and banish all of Springfield (and, presumably, the entire human race) to the sea.
* BrickJoke: A deleted scene showed that Abe would have exploded out of a dolphin after being swallowed by one earlier.
* ConvenientlyTimedDistraction: In "Scary Tales Can Come True" segment, when the witch tries to stuff Homer into her stove, she gets distracted when she hears a knock at her door allowing Homer to overpower her and shove her into the stove and lock her inside.
* ExactWords: In the second story, Homer [[FalseReassurance told his children]] no child would starve in his home. Cut to the next scene with him ditching them at the forest.
* HelpingGrannyCrossTheStreet: Homer (as a ghost) tries to do this to get into Heaven, but ends up dropping Principal Skinner's mom in the street.
-->"Um, I'm pretty sure she was going to be the next Hitler."
* KilledOffScreen: Goldilocks' death in the Three Bear's home.
* LosingYourHead:
* MandatoryLine: Kang and Kodos appear at the end to [[LampshadeHanging complain about the fact that they weren't included in this episode]].
* PapaWolf: The first dolphin punched by Homer when the war between Springfield and the dolphins began was the baby dolphin that bit Lisa in the arm only seconds earlier.
* RaceAgainstTheClock: Homer will go to Hell if he misses the deadline.
* RealAfterAll: The witch's boyfriend George Cauldron wasn't made up after all.
* ShoutOut: The intro has the Simpsons as a parody of ''Series/TheMunsters''.
* StockYuck: Homer is killed by ''brocolli,'' which is supposedly toxic in this story, and Doctor Hibbert says "It tries to warn you with its terrible taste!"
* TooDumbToLive: Lisa removes a six-pack plastic ring from a baby dolphin, who then [[UngratefulBastard bites her in the arm]]. This was the last straw for [[PapaWolf Homer]], and he [[LaserGuidedKarma punches it almost right away]].
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: Lisa frees an abused dolphin, who turns out to be ''the King'' of the dolphins- and thus King Snorky begins the dolphin invasion on Springfield.
* WaitingSkeleton: In the "Scary Tales Can Come True" segment, Homer abandons Bart and Lisa in the woods and tells them to "Say hi to your other brother and sister". Bart and Lisa then notice a pair of skeletons resembling themselves.
-->'''Lisa''': Let's face it. They're not great parents.
* YankTheDogsChain: Homer manages to do one good deed, only to go to Hell for missing the deadline, [[WhatAnIdiot since God did not see that good deed]].
* ZippingUpTheBodybag: When Homer first dies.
-->'''Medical Attendant:''' Sure is easy when they're stiff like this... (''sees Bart and Lisa are upset'') [[VerbalBackspace and very sad]].