After realizing how much of an embarrassment he is when he's drunk, Barney decides to go sober and stay sober, which doesn't sit well with Homer. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa enter a photography contest.

!! Tropes:

* TheAlcoholic: Barney drinks so much that Duff Brewery workers once posed for a photograph with a sign reading "Thank you, Barney".
* ForgottenBirthday: Barney thinks his friends forgot his birthday but it's him that, due his alcoholism, forgot the party.
* NoodleIncident: Barney has an arm handcuffed to a police car door and doesn't remember how or when it happened. His friends say they can't imagine him without it.
* PaperThinDisguise:
** During a videotape of Barney's birthday party, there's a scene where he's dressed like Marge. Homer initially mistakes him for the real Marge.
** A TV ad about a photography contest features a "mysterious prize". The wrapping's shape makes it obvious that the prize is a bicycle. A kid shows up and rides the still wrapped bicycle.
* WrittenByCastMember: This is the first episode written by DanCastellaneta (the voice of Homer Simpson and Barney Gumble) with his wife, Deb Lacusta, as a co-writer.