Recap: The Simpsons S 11 E 16 Pygmoelian

Realizing that he's ugly after his face gets censored on the new Duff calendar, Moe gets plastic surgery and gets back at everyone who thought he was too ugly — which lands him a role on Springfield's most popular soap opera, It Never Ends. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa chase after Maggie's runaway pink elephant balloon.


  • Hollywood Homely: Discussed In-Universe by the producers of It Never Ends.
    Producer: What were you thinking?
    Casting: Well, you said you wanted gritty. In other words, ugly.
    Producer: I wanted Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island ugly, not Cornelius on Planet of the Apes ugly. TV-ugly, not... ugly-ugly.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: When Moe realizes how ugly his photo is, Carl tries to console him.
    Moe: Am I really that ugly?
    Carl: Moe, it's all relative. Is Lenny really that dumb? Is Barney that drunk? Is Homer that lazy, bald, and fat?
    Moe: Oh, my God, it's worse than I thought!
    (Moe, Lenny, Barney, and Homer start sobbing)
    Carl: (to camera) See, this is why I don't talk much.
  • The Other Darrin: In-universe. Moe replaces the actor who portrays Dr. Tad Winslow in a soap opera.
  • Show Within a Show: A soap opera titled "It Never Ends".
  • Status Quo Is God: In the end, a set piece falls on top of Moe's face, undoing the plastic surgery. Lampshaded later on as Moe wonders why his face hadn't turned into something completely different.