After starring in an instructional video for the nuclear plant, Homer discovers while filling out his Screen Actors' Guild form that he doesn't know what the "J" in his middle name means, so Homer goes to a hippie commune (headed by two hippies turned businessmen named Seth and Munchie) and finds his answer on a mural his mom painted -- and discovers that he should be as free and wild as the hippies of the 1960s were.

* ComicallyMissingThePoint: When Seth and Muncie announced that their inability to supply the ordered amount of juice was caused by a "happy fool", Homer is glad that they decided to blame it on "some fool" but that he still feels guilty.
* ImADoctorNotAPlaceholder: Parodied.
-->'''Marge:''' Doctor, will he be all right?
-->'''Dr. Hibbert:''' Yes, he was lucky. If that had been a gladiola, he'd be dead right now.
-->'''Bart:''' Why don't you just pull it out?
-->'''Hibbert:''' (''laughing'') I'm a doctor, not a gardener!
-->'''Homer:''' Can't you just prune some of the leaves so I can watch TV?
-->'''Hibbert:''' (''dead serious'') What did I just say?
* MushroomSamba: A good chunk of the town gets unintentionally stoned, and Willy, Ned Flanders, and Barney fall victim to this (although Barney starts up another MushroomSamba to stop the first using beer to summon a friendlier {{pink elephant|s}} hallucination. ).
* MysteriousMiddleInitial: Until this episode, the viewers didn't know what the "J" in Homer J. Simpson was for. It was a mystery even for Homer. Actually, his father didn't know either.
** "How should I know? It was your mother's job to name you and love you and such. I was mainly in it for the spanking."
* TheReveal: Homer J. Simpson's middle name is Jay.
* RunningGag: Homer using "Uptown Girl" by Music/BillyJoel as his hippie anthem.
* ShoutOut: While stoned, Grandpa Simpson and Jasper laugh like WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead.
** As he gets stoned, Ned sees the Music/PinkFloyd [[Music/TheWall marching hammers]], followed by Music/TheRollingStones lips saying "Pucker up, Ned!"
* SoundtrackDissonance: Invoked in-universe with Homer's mix tape, as he plays [[Music/BillyJoel "Uptown Girl"]] during the freak-out.
* SpecialGuest: Martin Mull and Creator/GeorgeCarlin as Seth and Munchie.
* SummonBiggerFish: Barney beats his juice hallucination by drinking beer to call on a pink elephant to kill it.