Bart's offensive stand-up act for the International Olympic Committee costs Springfield the Games, and he is forced to work at the Springfield Retirement Home as punishment. Meanwhile, Homer tries to make use of the box of spring mascots he ordered that are now useless.

!!Tropes featured:

* ArtisticLicenseSports: The International Olympic Committee president decides to just give Springfield the next Summer Olympics based on Lisa's letter. In actuality, cities from around the world bid to host the Games, and the committee votes for whose bid they like the best[[note]]although, these days, BribingYourWayToVictory is a good way to get votes[[/note]]. Also, hosts of upcoming Olympics are decided seven years in advance[[note]]for example, the 2024 Summer Games host will be decided this year [2017][[/note]], to give host cities plenty of time to get ready.
* {{Bowdlerise}}: In-universe, where the residents of the Retirement Castle watch an "Edited for Seniors" version of ''Film/GoneWithTheWind''.
-->'''Hans Moleman:''' Didn't that movie used have a war in it?
-->'''Worker:''' ''(dragging him out of the room)'' C'mon, you've been warned!
* EyeScream: Lenny and Moe get a Spring in their eyes and the springs get tangled up.
* GotVolunteered: The punishment Bart and several of his classmates receive for making Springfield losing the chance of hosting the Games.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Principal Skinner punches Homer for being the father of the child who ruined Springfield's chances of hosting the Olympic Games while Skinner bears more blame for being the one who authorized Bart's offensive actions in the first place.
* KarmaHoudini: Skinner doesn't receive any punishment for making Bart insult the Olympic Committee other than [[WhatWereYouThinking Chalmers asking him why he allowed Bart to perform the offensive act]].
* NotThisOneThatOne: As Bart is the last student to receive their volunteering assignment.
-->'''Bart:''' What are you gonna do to me?
-->'''Skinner:''' Bart, not all community service is gang warfare and dangerous infection, and to illustrate that point here's where you'll be working.
-->(''Skinner points at a storefront'')
-->'''Bart:''' (''excited'') [[HopeSpot The Fireworks, Candy, and Puppy dog store!?]]
-->'''Principal Skinner:''' No, no, no. Next to it.
-->(''Next to the store is the Springfield Retirement Home, where we see Jasper and the Old Jewish Man sitting. Grampa comes outside'')
-->'''Grandpa Simpson:''' Settle a bet: boil or mole?
-->(''Bart gapes in horror'')