Chief Wiggum enforces a curfew on the town's children after blaming them for vandalizing the school (when, in fact, it was the fault of Homer and his drunken buddies, Lenny, Carl, and Barney, celebrating the Springfield Isotopes' first win in years), and the kids rebel by hosting a pirate radio show about the adults' embarrassing secrets.
!!This episode contains examples of:

* ArtisticLicense: The child curfew law that Chief Wiggum enforces is nowhere close to how most cities enforce similar child curfew laws. For starters, these laws usually state when a child can't be out at night without adult supervision (as kids do tend to be out late to attend sporting events, movie screenings, and other activities), not when a kid must be at home. Second, most cities curfew time is usually a set time (i.e. 9:00PM), not as soon as the sun sets (and even if the time based on when the sun sets, the curfew starts at least ''an hour after'' it sets).
* [[AsHimself As Herself]]: Cyndi Lauper, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" in the style of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" in the first scene.
* BaitAndSwitch: During one of the radio broadcasts:
-->'''Lisa:''' (''on air'') And guess who's been practice medicine without a licence?
-->(''listening in his home, Dr. Hibbert nervously pulls his collar'')
-->'''Lisa:''' That's right, Homer Simpson.
-->'''Homer:''' (''distant'') D'oh!
* BringMyBrownPants: In the opening scene of ''The Bloodening'':
-->'''Boy:''' You're thinking about hurting us.\\
'''Girl:''' Now you're thinking, "How did they know what I was thinking?"\\
'''Boy:''' Now you're thinking, "I hope that's shepherd's pie in my knickers."
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Homer still thought it'd not make a difference if he voted despite the curfew for people under 60 having been DecidedByOneVote.
* CounterpointDuet: "Adults/Kids" is a group version of this
* CreepyChild: The kids from ''The Bloodening''
* CrowdSong: "Adults/Kids"
* DecidedByOneVote: The curfew for people under 60.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: The kids from ''The Bloodening''. The kids watching the movie ''appear'' to do this when Chief Wiggum catches them, but it's just Eddie shining a police light on them.
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Milhouse's ''LiveActionTV/{{Teletubbies}}'' underwear is exposed when Nelson kicks him through a fence.
* HandsOffParenting
-->'''Nelson:''' Breaking curfew, Mom!\\
'''Nelson's mom:''' (''off-screen'') We're out of Skoal!
* InstantCostumeChange: PlayedForLaughs when Homer, upon hearing that the Isotopes are actually winning, runs offscreen and comes back in full Isotopes regalia in a moment.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Bart may be a jerk but when it comes to the adults and their rules against kids, he was right to call them out on that, even Nelson, a JerkAss himself, agrees to help Bart.
* PaperThinDisguise: To break curfew, Nelson disguised his voice and got a fake I.D. Chief Wiggum actually believed Nelson was Dr. Hibbert.
* ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem: Chief Wiggum imposes the curfew without getting Mayor Quimby involved, or whatever Springfield has as a City Council.
* ShoutOut: The big musical argument between Springfield's children, adults and eventually senior citizens, is a parody of the song "Kids" from ''Theatre/ByeByeBirdie''.
* SilentMovie: Homer's attempt to remember what happened the previous night is a pastiche of one, called "Homer's Night Out" (not to be confused with the season one episode of the same name).
* TheStinger: The Crazy Old Man's JewishComplaining occurs while the credits play.
-->'''Crazy Old Man:''' ''(during the Gracie Films logo)'' Oh, don't tell me to shush, you stupid lady!
* TakeThat: What drives Bart and Lisa to the breaking point? Sassy primetime TV, like ''Don't Go There'' and ''Talk to the Hand'' (the latter of which stars David Faustino[[note]]Bud Bundy from ''Series/MarriedWithChildren''[[/note]]).
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Milhouse's suggestion to put the adults' secrets online wouldn't seem silly or impossible today, thanks to social media websites, blogs, and domains where people can make and maintain their own websites.
* TemptingFate: During the first time the kids started exposing adults' secrets, they started with Homer. When Homer expressed relief that at least they'd already done him, they announced there'd be more about him.
* TitleDrop: {{In-Universe}} with ''Don't Go There''.
* TookALevelInJerkass: The adult reveled in the curfew more than any adult ever should. Even Marge who is one of the Nicer Simpsons made a few jokes. When the kids get even, [[NeverMyFault the adults act as if they did nothing wrong and that the kids are to blame.]]