Recap / The Sarah Jane Adventures S1 E5-E6 "Warriors of Kudlak"

Luke is still struggling to find his place, not understanding the behaviors of other kids. Clyde brings him to Combat 3000, a laser tag chain that has just opened, to teach him the importance of games.

Sarah Jane and Maria investigate the disappearances of children across England, linked with brief storms. They discover that the freak storms occurred as a reaction from a teleportation device, which all occurred in the vicinity of branches of Combat 3000. They take their investigations to the laser tag center (read: sonic and enter and go poking around) and are confronted by the manager, Mr. Mark Grantham. They discover that he and an Uvodni (a humanoid, insectoid alien) called Kudlak are abducting the children for an unseen "Mistress" to turn them into an army of Child Soldiers against their enemies, the Malakh. They are too late to save Luke and Clyde, who have been transported to the Uvodni craft in orbit and are trying to rally the other kids in an escape.

Various sci-fi shout-outs are made and various anvils are dropped. Luke wires Clyde's mobile into the craft computer system and accomplishes feats of tech that would make the Doctor proud. Sarah Jane and Maria trade off being generally awesome in confronting, escaping, and later capturing Grantham, forcing him to teleport them to the Uvodni ship where they and the kids confront The Mistress and her troops.

They discover the Mistress's true identity as a face appearing on a computer screen, with no real person behind it. Kudlak is stopped by Luke before he kills anyone. Luke reveals that The Mistress concealed a message in the mainframe from the Uvodni Emperor from ten years ago. It declared that an armistice had been reached with the Malakh. As a computer, the Mistress has no programming to understand the concept of peace, so the Mistress buried the message and continued to command Kudlak as before, even though her missions no longer had any real point to them. With the truth revealed, Kudlak destroys The Mistress, releases the children and swears to do what he can to reunite all the surviving recruits with their families.