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Recap: The Prisoner E 14 Living In Harmony
A Wild West sheriff resigns and is kidnapped to another town, where a malevolent Judge tries to force him to drop his new pacifist principles.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Banned in the USA: This episode was rejected for initial transmission in the US. There are conflicting reports as to why this was. Among the suggestions:
    • It was just too much of a Bizarro Episode and executives were scared that audiences would be confused.
    • US executives considered that the references to the use of hallucinogenic drugs to create Number Six's illusion of being in a Western setting were more explicit than usual and in breach of Standards and Practices rules about the depiction of drug use.
    • US executives considered that the episode's explicitly pacifist message was too politically controversial during the Vietnam War.
    • The climax to the Western plot, in which Number Six's character shoots the Kid, has killer and victim in the same shot when the gun is fired. Contemporary Standards and Practices rules decreed that such deaths should only be depicted by cutting from one to the other.
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