Recap: The Prisoner

One of the many fascinating things about The Prisoner is that no-one knows what order the episodes should be watched in. There is, however, a consensus on two things. Firstly, they should not be watched in the order they were made, and secondly, they should not be watched in the order they were broadcast.
Jonathan Morris, introducing the BBC's episode guide.

The order used for this list of The Prisoner episodes is the order of initial UK broadcast, also used on most DVD issues. This order causes some characterisation and thematic inconsistencies and there are other potential episode orders suggested by fans and by Patrick McGoohan's Word of God.

  1. Arrival
  2. The Chimes of Big Ben
  3. A, B and C
  4. Free For All
  5. The Schizoid Man
  6. The General
  7. Many Happy Returns
  8. Dance of the Dead
  9. Checkmate
  10. Hammer Into Anvil
  11. It's Your Funeral
  12. A Change of Mind
  13. Do Not Forsake Me Oh my Darling
  14. Living In Harmony
  15. The Girl Who Was Death
  16. Once Upon A Time
  17. Fall Out