Robin befriends Annie, an amnesiac girl with a dark secret.


* {{Animesque}}: A little more so than Creator/{{TMS|Entertainment}}'s other episodes, with the look and feel of it in particular more closely resembling that of Creator/StudioGhibli.[[note]]If one chooses to take a look, the end credits ''does'' confirm the company's use with its animation director ([[ Hideaki Yoshio]]) and some of the key animators ([[ Atsuko Otani]], [[ Mariko Matsuo]], [[ Takeshi Inamura]] and [[ Eiji Yamamori]]).[[/note]]
* AntiVillain: Clayface, but to a lesser extent than in "Feat of Clay" and "Mudslide". Considering he didn't think Annie was real, he logically wouldn't see anything wrong with reabsorbing her.
* BigOMG: When Batman discovers what the mud was.
* BreakTheCutie: Happens to Tim Drake after Clayface absorbs Annie, causing Tim to brutally attack Clayface.
* DownerEnding:
-->'''Batman:''' Sometimes, there are no happy endings.
* GPSEvidence: A little more justifiable here: Batman still took a random mud sample, but rather than discovering an obscure location from which it came, he instead discovered that it was part of Clayface... and he's unique.
* HeroicSacrifice: Annie let herself be absorbed to save Robin.
* HiddenEyes: Annie has them as soon as she realizes she's a part of Clayface.
* LineOfSightName: Robin names Annie after seeing a girl holding a BrandX version of a Literature/RaggedyAnn doll.
* ShoutOut: Annie looks like a young Natalie Portman in ''Film/TheProfessional''.