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Recap: The New Batman Adventures E17 "Old Wounds"
aka: The New Batman Adventures Old Wounds
Robin tries to capture two crooks, but one of them gets the jump on him and gets away. Fortunately, Nightwing glides in and catches the other one. After Nightwing berates Robin for thinking he could have caught him, Robin comments that Nightwing is very much like Batman, which Nightwing angrily denies, but Robin insists that they are alike in many ways. Robin then asks what happened that made Nightwing give up the Robin mantle and split from Batman. When Nightwing suggests that Robin ask Batman, but all Batman said was "Things change." Nightwing then tells Robin the story of how he split from Batman.

Things apparently started to sour the night Dick graduated from college. He graduated with highest honors, but Bruce was too busy doing Batman work to attend the ceremony. Dick and Barbara Gordon, in the meantime, went on a date, him stating that he got a trust fund from the circus, and that he was ready to be his own man. Dick then got a call from Batman, saying that he needed his help with a heist headed by The Joker. Dick arrived, with Batman complaining that he was late. The Dynamic Duo then went to stop the heist, but the Joker got away.

The Duo went on to interrogate a man that the Joker hired as a watchman. They catch him at his house with his wife and son present, and Batman then slams him into a wall to make him talk. Robin voiced his disapproval of how Batman was doing this in front of the man's family, but Batman insisted on continuing. Robin left in disgust.

Dick went to Barbara's house early in the morning. He told Barbara that he had to get away from Bruce, but wouldn't go into details. When Barbara asked, Dick just stormed out, saying that he had to figure it out on his own. Barbara then went to Bruce to talk about what was going on between them, and Bruce led Barbara to the Batcave, revealing that he is Batman and that he knew that Barbara was Batgirl. Alfred then lead the two to a television where the Joker was broadcasting his plans of his newest scheme to Gotham. With the radar jammer he stole, no airplane would be able to safely locate one another, causing them to crash into each other. The Joker then demanded a sum of forty million dollars in exchange for not activating the radar jammer. Bruce then asked Alfred to contact Robin, but Alfred said Robin wasn't available. Barbara then offered her help in Robin's place. Dick arrived in the Batcave shortly after they left, asking why Barbara's car was just outside. Alfred said that they two were running an errand, but Dick then realized the truth.

Batman and Batgirl went to stop The Joker from activating the jammer. Robin then rode his Robincycle to where the two went and arrived much later. The Joker then knocked Batgirl off the building, falling to her apparent doom, but Robin was able to save her. Robin demanded that they talk, but Batgirl wanted to take care of the Joker first. Batgirl was able to trick Joker into destroying his radar jammer, taking care of him.

With that done, Robin confronted Batgirl for keeping her secret identity from him. Batgirl then mentioned that Batman knew her identity, and this lead to Robin confronting Batman for putting her in danger. Batgirl mentioned that he volunteered, but Robin then recalled Batman's history of manipulating and pulling strings to get what he wants. Batman tries to reason with Dick, saying that they had the same goals, but Dick said "Things change. I change." Dick then called it quits for Batman's transgressions against him and Barbara. Batman tried to reason with him once more, but Dick just knocked him down with one punch, much to Batgirl's surprise, then he took off his mask and cape and left.

Back to the present, the new Robin asks if Nightwing still hasn't forgiven Batman for what he did. Nightwing says yes, saying that Batman will never change. Nightwing and Robin find a wallet, and it happens to belong to the guy Batman brutally interrogated years ago. Apparently, after being confronted by Batman, he decided to get his life together, and now he had a great job as a Wayne Industries security guard. Nightwing is visibly impressed by Bruce's kindness towards him, with Robin remarking that Bruce did have a change of heart. The two then spot the Batsignal in the sky. Robin asks if Nightwing is coming, and Nightwing goes with him, saying that it's about time.


  • Arc Words: "Things change."
  • Catch a Falling Star: Done somewhat right. Batgirl gets knocked off the tallest building in Gotham by the Joker just as Robin arrives. Robin hits the ejector on his cycle and is propelled up to her. He grabs her just after the apex of his flight (where his velocity is effectively near zero), and deploys his Grappling-Hook Pistol, swinging them in an arc to a nearby roof. Arcs are the safest way to dump kinetic energy without a lot of padding at the bottom.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: This was the last appearance of the Joker's henchmen Rocco and Henshaw.
  • Death Dealer: Joker throws several razor-sharp cards at Batman's rocket glider.
  • Flashback: Nightwing flashes back to the last time he was Robin.
  • Hypocrite: Robin was not happy that Barbara didn't tell him about her being Batgirl. She counter this by pointing out Dick didn't tell her. This is one of the reasons why Dick broke up with her.
  • Interquel: Nightwing's story takes place in between The Adventures of Batman and Robin and The New Batman Adventures.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Batman does this on the Joker's watchman in front of his wife and son.
  • Rage Against the Mentor: Robin I towards Batman, which lead him to leave and become Nightwing.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Batman in Nightwing's flashback.

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alternative title(s): The New Batman Adventures Old Wounds
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