Recap / The Necro Critic

A list of all of The Necro Critic's reviews and other videos.

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  1. Van Helsing
  2. Spider-Man 3
  3. Ehrgeiz (part 1) (The main fighting game)
  4. Ehrgeiz (part 2) (The minigames and Quest Mode)
  5. Sleepwalkers (ft. The Spoony One)
  6. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2006) (Part 1 of the "Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Double-Feature Halloween Craptacular")
  7. Jekyll + Hyde (Part 2 of the "Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Double-Feature Halloween Craptacular")
  8. The Christmas Shoes (ft. Linkara and Amayirot Akago)
  9. Van Helsing: The Videogame (ft. Linkara)
  10. Top 10 Weirdest Anime
  11. Baby Geniuses
  12. Zardoz
  13. Call Me Tonight
  14. Felix the Cat: The Movie (ft. TJ Omega and Cin Wicked)
  15. Top 10 Underappreciated Disney Villains
  16. Eiken
  17. The Adventures of the American Rabbit
  18. School Days OVA Double-Feature (A dual-review of "Valentine Days" and "Magical Heart Kokoro-Chan")
  19. Van Helsing: The London Assignment (ft. Amayirot Akago and Linkara)
  20. The Santa Clause 2 (ft. The Irate Gamer)
  21. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (ft. The Irate Gamer)

     You Know What Pisses Me Off? 
An old series of angry rants he did before he started doing reviews. These have long-since been deleted.
  1. Stage makeup
  2. Christmas Shoes (the song)
  3. People who take Guitar Hero too seriously
  4. Pissed-Off Compilation #1
  5. Clamshell packaging
  6. Pissed-Off Compilation #2
  7. Finale (a Rick-Roll video ending with a teaser trailer for his Van Helsing review)

     Other Videos