Recap / The Dresden Files Death Masks

In this corner, one missing Shroud, one impossibly and thoroughly dead corpse, one dedicated and deadly vampire warlord, three holy knights, twenty-nine fallen angels, and a partridge in a pear tree. And in the opposite corner, one tired, bruised, underpaid professional wizard, threatened by his allies and about to get dumped by his would-be girlfriend for John Q. Humdrum. Oh, yeah. Definitely bedtime.

  • Personal conflict: No sooner has Harry snapped out of a near-psychotic grief for Susan when she is back in his life. She wants to break it off; he's not so thrilled.
  • Sidekicks: Lt. Karrin Murphy, Susan Rodriguez, three Knights of the Cross
  • Big Bad: Nicodemus, leader of the Denarians
  • Monster of the Week: the Denarians, who can turn into a wide variety of bizarre monsters, from evil eight-legged bears with horns to women with steel blades in place of hair.
  • Lesser of Two Evils ally: John Marcone