Recap / The Dresden Files Changes

Harry picks up the phone, and Susan Rodriguez says, "They've taken our daughter."

Well then. As it turns out, Harry's a father. Susan never told him, because Harry has some people who might use that against him. She has a point - being around Harry is dangerous. But then again, so is being in the Red Court-controlled South America. And now, the Red Court has taken Harry and Susan's daughter for unclear reasons. And now Harry's gonna get her back.

Martin and Susan are back in town, and the first place to check for information is a local Red Court outpost... which turns out to be Harry's office building. The Reds bought it a while ago and Harry's been paying rent to them the whole time. But while Martin and Susan are inside, the Red Court attacks the building. They don't notice Harry, as he's under a veil, and he sneaks up behind them to subtly dispatch them...

"Fuck subtle."

Harry attacks the vamps rather unsubtly, mostly killing them, but one runs away. Martin and Susan return and tell Harry that the building is packed with explosives - they have to go NOW. Adding complications is the muggle law enforcement, forcing the trio to leave out the back door into an alley, and the building promptly explodes.

And we're just 30 pages in, folks!