Recap / The Aquabats! Super Show!

This is the recap page for The Aquabats! Super Show! It's a (recap of a) TV showwwww-whoaaaaa-hoaaaaah-hoaaaaaah-owwwww!!!


Season 1 (2012)

  1. ManAnt!: A half-man/half-ant kidnaps Crash and plans to conquer the world with a giant army of ants! Guest starring Rip Taylor.
  2. Mysterious Egg!: The Aquabats incubate a giant egg, not realizing the mayhem that will happen when it hatches. It's up to Jimmy the Robot to save the day!
  3. EagleClaw!: EagleBones' estranged brother plots revenge and returns for an epic guitar showdown. Guest starring Jon Heder and Lou Diamond Phillips.
  4. Laundry Day!: A run-in with filthy muck monsters leaves The Aquabats in need of a visit to the laundromat, where they encounter an evil mastermind and her new monstrosity.
  5. LadyFingers!: After The Aquabats rescue a group of beachgoers from motorcycle-riding mummies, Ricky falls for a mysterious siren.
  6. Haunted BattleTram!: The Aquabats have to banish a ghost from the BattleTram after the MC Bat Commander steals a burrito from the cemetery.
  7. Cowboy Android!: After supposedly rescuing miners from a huge mole monster, The Aquabats face a robot gunslinger in a fake Western town. Guest starring Paul Scheer.
  8. Überchaun!: While golfing, The Aquabats encounter the mysterious Uberchaun who gives them three challenges they must overcome to avoid being cursed forever. Guest starring Dana Michael Woods.
  9. Pilgrim Boy!: The Aquabats befriend a shape-shifting Pilgrim Boy while Detroit is under attack by a giant bug. Guest starring Samm Levine and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
  10. Floating Eye of Death!: At a truck stop, The Aquabats have a showdown with the Floating Eye of Death and its living dead minions.
  11. Night of the Cactus!: When a meteor crashes in the desert unleashing a deadly Cactus Monster, The Aquabats face a very powerful opponent and an unfortunate radioactive mutation.
  12. CobraMan!: The Aquabats pursue their own attack vehicle when Carl steals the BattleTram and challenges the MC Bat Commander to a winner-take-all fight for it.
  13. ShowTime!: The Aquabats set out to save the earth from an evil alien invasion but find themselves playing second fiddle to the heroic efforts of SuperMagic PowerMan and Lanolin Lady. Guest starring "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Season 2

  1. The Return of The Aquabats!: After drifting through space, the Aquabats return to Earth with a slight case of amnesia and find themselves national heroes for defeating Space Monster M.
  2. Summer Camp!: At their own team themed Summer Camp, the Aquabats are on the lookout for a mysterious creature kidnapping their young fans in the night.
  3. Bad Apple!: After dealing with a giant insect problem, the Aquabats track the source of the creature to Jimmy's old home, with his mother and scientist farmer dad.
  4. The Thingy!: While the Battletram is stuck in the snow, the Aquabats are secretly infiltrated by a shape shifting thingy.
  5. The AntiBats!:

Season 3

  1. Christmas With the Aquabats
  2. Shark Fighter
  3. Kitty Litter