Recap / The Aquabats! Super Show! S1 E9 "Pilgrim Boy!"
"This is the C Chord."

President Stuncastin: My fellow citizens of the world; United Nations; friends of the Earth. We are facing perhaps our greatest crisis. We are currently doing everything in our power to stop the creature.
MC Bat Commander: (mutes TV) MUTE! Right now, I'm more interested in watching Pilgrim Boy shapeshift! What else can you change into?

Somewhere, just outside of Detroit...

While stopping for ice cream, the Aquabats meet Pilgrim Boy, a kindly young man dressed as a pilgrim who just so happens to have the ability to shape shift into anything. After seeing him use this power to scare off a pack of bullies, they invite him to have a turkey dinner on the Battletram.

All goes well until Pilgrim Boy explains his powers. The team requests a demonstration, despite him explaining that the transformations are painful. The team, sans Eaglebones, becomes enthralled with seeing him change into different forms. During this, the president addresses the public about a major disaster that is occurring, but is simply ignored by the others until Pilgrim Boy points it out.

A giant Potato Bug has appeared in Detroit and is on the warpath towards a Pineapple Plantation. Blaming Pilgrim Boy for distracting them, the Commander tells him to become a giant shoe to combat the bug. Tired of being treated so badly by everyone he meets because of his unique powers, Pilgrim Boy instead storms out and becomes a caterpillar, vanishing and leaving the Aquabats to combat the Potato Bug themselves.

Despite their best efforts, the Battletram is unable to stop the monster in time and the team prepares for the worst. Eaglebones however uses The Dude to find Pilgrim Boy and apologize. Understanding that he is needed, Pilgrim Boy transforms into Michael Jackson, who performs a musical number so beautiful it causes the Potato Bug to explode, saving the day.

Moved to tears by Pilgrim Boy's performance, the Commander makes the final request that he transforms into some fireworks to finally cement the moment.