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Recap: The Aquabats Super Show S 1 E 6 Haunted Battle Tram

Eaglebones Falconhawk: Commander, I've been sensing great unrest in the spirit world, ever since we left the graveyard.
MC Bat Commander: Shhh, not now Eaglebones.
Eaglebones: But Commander, I know if you've just listened...
MCBC: Ah ah ah ah ah ah-! (gets his badger blown up in the video game) D'oh! You made me lose another badger!
Eaglebones: But Commander...
MCBC: Wait! Eaglebones, I'm sensing something. I'm sensing...that you're gonna go get me a cold drink.

Somewhere, in a spooky graveyard...

(summary in progress)


  • Arbitrary Skepticism: The Commander doesn't believe in ghosts...despite there apparently being scientific proof that they're real. And right on the heels of seeing mummies recapture a siren who'd escaped from hell, too.
  • Creepy Cemetery
  • Harmless Villain: The Ghost freaks the hell out of the team and covers them in goo, but ultimately doesn't do much to hurt them, other than suck the Commander into the TV. All in all he was probably only interested in teaching them not to steal from people, even the dead.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Matt Chapman is the ghost!
  • Mythology Gag: At the start, the 'Bats run in fear of their old foe Pumpkin Face...until it turns out they are just playing a game of Pumpkin Head Tag.
  • Oh Crap: The Commander when he sees the ghost in his video game, right before it turns into a monster face and sucks him inside.
  • Recycled Premise: This episode is mainly just an expansion of the premise of Lil' Bat cartoon from "Eagleclaw!".
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