Recap / The Aquabats! Super Show! S1 E2 "Mysterious Egg!"
"Do not worry, little one. Jimmy's here."

Jimmy the Robot: Some people think that robots can't have robot dreams,
And nothing can hurt our hearts, it's only circuitry.
Some people think that robots can't be stay-home moms,
And the nurturing of youngsters, it's not a robot job —
But the dream of a family...
Is a dream I also share!
And I'll keep on dreaming until I find myself...there!

Somewhere, deep in the forest...

(summary in progress)


  • Oh Poo Poo: Snakey, just before Jimmy the Robot blows him up.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Experienced by the 'bats as they each imagine what might come out of the egg.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: The team chastises Jimmy for casually blasting Snakey, pointing out they were planning to take him back to the zoo. They change their tune when Jimmy Junior shows up, due to his grotesque appearance.