Recap / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 S 2 E 10 The Ultimate Ninja

A strange being has traveled to earth to challenge Leonardo to a fight to determine who is the ultimate warrior

First appearance of The Ultimate Ninja, Gyoji and The Daimyo

This episode provides examples of

  • Arrow Catch: A variation occurs when Leo catches the challenge blade thrown at him by the Ultimate Ninja
  • Combat Referee: The Gyoji
  • Duel to the Death: The Ultimate Ninja outright states that if Leo loses the fight 'his life is forfeit'
  • Evil Redhead: The Ultimate Ninja
  • Honor Before Reason: Leo's family can only watch, even when it looks like he's going to lose his life. Not that they don't want to help, of course...
  • Locked Out of the Fight: Leo's family are physically stopped from helping him/getting involved by a water cage. What's more, if Leo refuses, his friends and family's lives are 'forfeit'.
  • Meaningful Echo/ Foreshadowing: At the start of the episode the Turtles, Master Splinter and April and Casey are watching a western: 'Rio Gato'. The theme of the movie is that a young hothead challenges the sheriff to make a name for himself, for 'fame and glory'. Guess what The Ultimate Ninja challenges Leo for...
  • Meaningful Rename: The Daimyo's Son calls himself "The Ultimate Ninja” after he believe he's defeated Leonardo.
  • No Time to Explain/ Another Story for Another Time: When the Turtles ask Master Splinter what's going on, he only replies 'I'll explain later. Now is not the time'. Again, at the end of the episode, he simply states 'Be patient. When the time is right all will be made clear'.
  • Sore Loser: The Ultimate Ninja attempts to kill Leonardo after being officially defeated.
  • Traintop Battle: A variation occurs on top a moving truck.
  • Trying to Catch Me Fighting Dirty: The Ultimate Ninja is more than happy to comply with the rules of combat that benefit him, such as excluding Leo's family from the fight, but when he's losing he has no problems in outright cheating to win
  • Walking Armoury: The Ultimate Ninja