Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 6 E 5 Revenge Is The Nuts

Arnie Grunwald runs a state home for the blind and takes sadistic delight in tormenting his patients, such as using them for putting practice, bricking up the bathroom door, and dumping marbles on the floor to make them slip and fall. He keeps the windows boarded up and the rooms in near-darkness, and passing commuter trains shake the entire building every hour. He employs a handyman named Benny, whose brother had had him committed to a psychiatric hospital; Grunwald had him released, but treats him almost as badly as the patients.

When a young woman named Sheila is committed to the home, Benny explains to her that Grunwald hates blind people so much because his mother had been blind and had disinherited him, turning her mansion over to the state. Sheila tries to seduce Benny into letting her escape, but he turns her down and puts her in a squalid ballroom that serves as the patients' dormitory. From them, she learns that Grunwald uses his attack dog Bruno to thwart escape attempts, even letting him chew off a patient's leg to make an example of him.

Grunwald summons Sheila to his office and offers her the possibility of release if she begins sleeping with him. She turns him down, but as Benny is taking her back to the ballroom, she steals his pocketknife. Later that day, she uses it to pick the lock on the door and leads the patients toward Grunwald's office, the only path for escape. However, they find Grunwald and a hungry Bruno waiting for them at the door and give up the idea. In retaliation, Grunwald reduces their heat and food, but offers to restore them if Sheila starts sleeping with him. She decides to accept and has Benny bring her to the office. Once there, she knocks Grunwald to the floor, only to find herself penned in by both him and Bruno. Benny takes Grunwald by surprise, knocks him out with a pipe wrench, and reveals that Grunwald is his brother, who had had him committed in the first place.

Grunwald wakes up in a small room, whose door opens after several hours to let him out into a dim corridor freshly constructed by Benny. He can barely squeeze through sideways, and the walls are studded with razor blades that cut him when the train shakes the place. Waiting for him at the end of the corridor are Benny, Bruno, and the patients. Benny forces Grunwald to admit that he killed their mother with his marbles-on-the-floor trick, and the patients gleefully use it against him, shut off the lights, and sic Bruno on him.


  • Shout-Out: Isaac Hayes gets two in with one line, telling his opponent in a chess game, "Sorry, Chief, you've just been shafted!" Hayes recorded the theme for Shaft, and his opponent is played by Tim Sampson — the son of Will Sampson, who played Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.