Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 2 E 3 Cutting Cards

Hotshot gambler Reno Crebis enters a casino looking for his bitter rival, Sam Forney. The two have won and lost enormous amounts of money to each other over the years, and Reno wants to settle the score permanently. Reno is down to his last $100, but Sam offers to play a game against him in which the loser has to leave town for good. Reno rolls dice and gets a double-six, but Sam gets the same roll for a draw.

Next Reno suggests that they play Russian roulette, using the revolver Sam keeps in his car. Reno loads one chamber, spins the cylinder, and allows Sam to go first. Neither man backs down as they hit one empty chamber after another, and Reno prepares to die on the sixth and final turn - but the gun fails to fire. Sam protests that the round may have been too old or wet to fire correctly, but Reno accuses him of rigging the game.

They move on to Chop Poker, a five-card draw game with no chips or betting. The winner of each hand gets to chop off one part of the loser's body with a meat cleaver, starting with fingers. Sam loses the first two hands, then wins one and ignores Reno's desperate offer to let a doctor reattach a lost finger as he gleefully hacks off one of Reno's.

The scene cuts to a hospital ward some time later. Reno and Sam are now patients here, their arms and legs reduced to stumps - they have come out even once again. They continue to bicker as they play checkers, using their noses to push the pieces and passing a piece of chewing gum back and forth.