Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 2 E 3 Cutting Cards

Hotshot gambler Reno Crebis has arrived to settle a score with an old rival: Jack Forney, who made him leave town before. While first trying to settle the score the score with a game of dice, Reno wants to settle with a game with more permanent consequences: Russian Roulette. But unfortunately for the 2 men, the rounds in the gun used were too old to fire correctly, so Forney suggests a new game: Chop Poker

The rules for Chop Poker are simple: Lose a hand, you lose a finger. which Forney finds out unfortunately twice as he loses back-to-back hands, resulting in Forney's pinky and ring finger getting chopped out with a meat cleaver. But Forney gets a little bit of redemption when Reno loses a hand, resulting in an over-joyed Forney taking one of Reno's fingers.

The scene soon cuts to a time after the events that occurred, Reno and Forney are now in a hospital room sans arms & legs, a testament to how much the pair hate each other, and now fighting over a game of checkers, using their noses to push their pieces..over the piece of gum one is chewing.